Stop Dreaming Of Becoming a Wealthy Writer.
Wake Up And Make It Your Reality

Jasper, The Future of Writing

Lunar Year of the Pig 2019

Living The Laptop Lifestyle Is So Much More Than Just Having a Job

To many people, living the laptop lifestyle means working on the road, or from home, or from anywhere in the world.

I Know The Secret To Writing Productivity

I was thinking this morning about how different my life was 19 years ago.

Just Get On With It Will You?

Whenever someone asks me for advice about writing and earning money, I usually point them towards a writing course or an online course of some kind that I think will be really great for them.

Writing Children’s Picture Books That Sell

Children’s picture books are so popular because even if parents themselves don’t read much, they will still read to their young children.

Getting The Opposite Of What You Want

Have you ever wondered why you never seem to get what you want?

What Are You Going To Write And How Are You Going To Make Money?

As you already know, I’m a writer, and by that I mean, I earn all my income from my writing.

Know What You Don’t Know About Earning Money From Writing

I have got say that I love my Laptop Lifestyle working as a writer.

Writing Help From An Unlikely Source

I’m currently reading a really inspiring book written by David Miche, called “Hurry Up And Meditate” and it’s a fascinating read.

This is Why You Aren’t Living Your Dream Life

As a writer, you no doubt envisioned what your ideal life would be like once you were a successful writer.


“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” ~ Les Brown.

6 Simple Steps to Overcoming Procrastination

As a writer, I always understand about procrastination and how hard it can be sometimes to sit down and write when I really don’t feel like doing it

How to Change Your Brain So You Can Write More

AI recently bought an amazing book called 'Change Your Brain Change Your Life.

My New Propelling Pencil And What It Taught Me

Last week I bought a new pencil. I went looking in the Officeworks Store and they have a HUGE amount of pencils to choose from.

What to Write When You Don’t Know What to Write

There is one thing that’s really important if you want to work as a writer. And that is, to write every day.

How Much I Can Write in 5 Minutes?

I recently came across a PDF copy of a book about writing.

How I ‘Heard’ About Writing More

For the past year or so I’ve been distracted from my writing for several personal reasons

The Truth About Book Marketing That Authors Don’t Want To Hear

It’s so simple to think of being a writer as an easy way to make money.

Write By Hand Or Type Straight To Keyboard?

There has always been a debate amongst writers as to whether it’s better to write by hand and type your work up later, or to write straight to keyboard.

The Gene Schwartz Japanese Tea Ceremony Distraction-Free Writing

I was thinking this morning about Japanese tea ceremonies for two, and how they are mostly a silent affair

Bitcoin Email Hacker Scam

Six days ago I received the following email:
You may not know me and you are probably wondering why you are getting this e mail, right?

Writing Tips From Freddy Mercury

A few days ago I went to the cinema to see the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, which is about the band, Queen and their lead singer, Freddy Mercury.

How To Write A Novel When You Don’t Know How Or Where to Start

No matter what writing project you want to start on, regardless of how long or short it is, staring at a blank page feels like the first step in procrastination.