Just Get On With It Will You?

By Ruth Barringham

Whenever someone asks me for advice about writing and earning money, I usually point them towards a writing course or an online course of some kind that I think will be really great for them. But the usual reaction I get is that they want to earn money from their writing, not spend money.

Just a few days ago someone emailed me and asked for my advice because they were having trouble earning money from their freelance writing. So I suggested they do the Quick Cash Writing course because it’s the one I did and I earned so much money from it that my mind was blown. I didn’t know that I could work my way through a writing course and make that much money.

But I got the usual response about how she didn't’ want to spend any money until she was making some, so I knew that I had wasted my time once again.

When people like this ask for my advice, what they really want is for me to teach them something for free. They want me to give up my valuable time to help them because they are too cheap to spend around 50 bucks on a writing course that helped me earn thousands.

Well, to heck with them because I’m so sick of being approached by people who are penny-pinching instead of getting serious about launching their writing career. If they want free information they won’t get it from me or anyone else.

In fact, no one who is a true professional will work for free just so that someone else can save a few dollars.

In fact, even those who put out free information on the internet, aren’t actually telling you the whole story. There’s a lot of value missing from free information. This is because they save their good stuff for their paying customers who buy their books and products.

As the Joker said in the movie The Dark Knight, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” And who would?

I’ve bought and worked my way through lots of courses over the years including Titans of Direct Response, CopySlacker, writing books and audios, and recently I bought a one year subscription to a writing magazine.

The reason for the subscription is because this magazine has lists of free writing competitions and current writing markets that I want to submit to, plus it has plenty of writing ideas and articles that I’m currently working my way through (I’ve just received my first issue) and I’m already learning more about writing and the whole industry.

My idea is always that whenever I buy something (a book, a course, an audio, a magazine), I make sure I earn money from it. I always plan to earn much more than I paid for it.

So with the writing magazine, I’ve paid less than $100 for a whole year’s worth of valuable information and I WILL use it. I’ve already submitted 2 short stories to 2 different magazines. Will they be successful? Who knows. But I have several more submissions to make to markets I came across in the magazine. And altogether I intend to earn at least 100-times the cost of the magazine over the next year.

But this is what I always do. I don’t buy something, read it, put it away and do nothing. I make sure that my investment in the product is paid back dozens of times.

And I know that everyone, no matter who they are or what their financial circumstances, can afford to invest in writing products. But if you don’t do the work, it’s money wasted.

And even if you feel that you don’t have money to spare, cut back your spending on something else. We can all cut back if we try.

I know this for a fact because many years ago, when I first started looking into earning money from writing, I was a single parent living on welfare. And I was really careful with what little money I received so that my son and I were able to take an overseas holiday every two years and I bought and worked through a writing course.

People used to ask me where I got all my money from, and I told them that it wasn’t a case of having ‘all that money,’ it was just that I was careful with it and my priorities were having holidays and learning to write, so that is what I did while the other single mothers were busy paying babysitters so that they could go out and night and hit the local bars, while I sat at home knitting jumpers for my son and doing my writing course.

If you want to be a writer, just get on with it and stop making excuses.

And if you still don’t think you can do it, let me ask you this; how badly do you want it?

Do what you need to do, buy what you need to buy, and start writing.

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