The Truth About Book Marketing That Authors Don’t Want To Hear

By Ruth Barringham

It’s so simple to think of being a writer as an easy way to make money. You just sit, write, and the money just pours into your bank account.


We all know what makes book sales, and it’s not writing a book.

Whether we want to face it or not, the truth is that it’s not book writing that makes sales, but book marketing, because no one is going to buy your book unless they:

  1. Know it’s there
  2. Want to buy it

That’s why book marketing is far more important than book writing. And many believe it’s also harder.

I think that it’s not hard if you know what you’re doing and it’s not as unpleasant to do as you might think. After all, marketing a book means doing more writing only this time. You’re writing all your marketing material.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been studying a lot about marketing, including all the marketing advice from “The Titans of Direct Response.”

So now I know more about marketing than I ever have before, and damn, I thought I was pretty good before. But after learning so much from the marketing giants, I realised that there was a lot I didn’t know when it comes to marketing books.

Plus, along the way, I’ve established my own systems and ways of working for all my writing.

I've also written several books about different types of writing and marketing and even how to come up with endless writing ideas.

So with my books you'll never be stuck again of what to write, how to write and publish your work, and how to make money from everything you write.

Which is excellent news for busy writers and those who want to be busy writers.

Just jump on over to my list of books, download one now and start writing, marketing and earning.

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