Know What You Don’t Know About Earning Money From Writing

By Ruth Barringham

I have got say that I love my Laptop Lifestyle working as a writer.

When I first started out I had a lot of learning to do because I didn’t know the first thing about earning living as a writer. So I took a writing course, learning how to build a website and started writing and selling books.

Things weren’t as easy back then because the internet was in its infancy so it wasn’t possible to “Google” things. And there were no online courses like there are now at placed like Udemy.

But even now, when it’s easier to find information, it can still seem daunting when you don’t know how to do anything like -

  • build a blog
  • write a book
  • market a book
  • write blog posts
  • do article marketing
  • do affiliate marketing
  • run an online business

But whatever it is you want to do, the easiest way is to look at all the free video courses at Udemy.

It doesn’t cost a thing to use them and most are only an hour or two long.

And as well as being free to use, they’re made for beginners.

So if you want to move forward with your writing career and you’re not sure where to start, start here.

I find video courses are SO helpful - and even more so when they’re free.

Just remember, you can’t move forward until you know what you don’t know and you need to know it.

So click the link below and get started straight away.

Udemy courses.

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