What Are You Going To Write And How Are You Going To Make Money?

By Ruth Barringham

As you already know, I’m a writer, and by that I mean, I earn all my income from my writing.

I write just about every day. There are only a few days a year when I don’t write.

One of the big challenges of earning money from writing is being able to write fast and consistently.

But that’s not all.

I also need to have a huge amount of fast and usable ideas.

Usually this isn’t a problem for me because I find that ideas can spark anytime from just about anything. I even have a notebook where I write down all my ideas, and there are so many in it. I also have a file on my computer where I keep writing ideas. These are two places that I regularly browse.

So when it comes to earning money from your own writing, what do you want to write and how are you doing to earn money from it?

Well, believe it or not, when it comes to writing there are so many things you can write.

Usually people can only think of one or two things like blog posts, or articles.

But here is a list which I hope will spark a few ideas of different things you can write:

  • a screenplay
  • a novel
  • a non-fiction book
  • a text book
  • a technical book
  • a magazine article
  • a news story
  • a tv show
  • an essay
  • an autobiography
  • someone else’s biography
  • a report
  • a journal
  • a business plan
  • a website (design and content)
  • a proposal
  • a travelogue
  • a diary
  • a short story
  • a novella
  • a bible
  • a procedure book
  • a brochure
  • an advertisement
  • a manual
  • a pamphlet
  • an email
  • a play
  • a critique
  • a review
  • a letter
  • a manifesto
  • a handbook
  • a newsletter
  • a query

If you want, you can go through the list item by item and have a go at each one. And if you don’t know how to do it, everything is Googleable.

Just remember that when it comes to earning money from your writing, time is money.

Also remember that typing is an activity. Writing is a process of putting ideas together.

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