Script writers are always in demand whether it’s to write a comedy, sitcom, drama, thriller, movie, stage play, animation or any other kind of script.

There will always be entertainment so there will always be a need for script writers.

But how do you become a script writer?

You firstly need to learn about script formulas and the standard industry format of how to set out a script.

If you want to see some professionally written scripts you can download as many as you want for free from web sites such as

At you'll find free downloadable scripts - movie scripts, screenplays, TV scripts, radio scripts, unproduced scripts, musicals, animation scripts and even soon-to-be-released movie scripts. You can also upload your own scripts for fr*ee hosting or provide a link to your on-line script.

Also visit to search their jobs board for the latest script writing jobs. They also have the daily news on the latest movie script deals in Hollywood, plus script writing competitions and more.

At the New York Film Academy website, you can find a plethora of really useful information about script writing.

You can also download free script formatting examples from the BBC web site in the UK. Just go to These example scripts show you exactly how to format them correctlly and what diretion to include.

You can also surf the internet and social media for news and jobs for scriptwriters.

Do You Have an idea for a movie, TV show or reality show?

Want to pitch your idea for a movie to Hollywood or a Movie production Company?

Or want to pitch your idea for a TV show or reality TV show to the TV networks?

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