Writing Tips From Freddy Mercury

By Ruth Barringham

A few days ago I went to the cinema to see the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, which is about the band, Queen and their lead singer, Freddy Mercury.

And I learned quite a few things about him that I never knew, like…

His original name (he had it legally changed to Freddy Mercury) was Farrokh (pronounced Far-ook) Bulsara and he was born in Zanzibar.

Also, the reason he always had the top of the stand hanging from the microphone in his hand when he sang on stage was because the first time he sang with the band he struggled to adjust the stand and ended up pulling out the top half, so he just left it swinging from the microphone.

And I also learned a lot of other things about him that made him so successful, all of which can be used as inspiration for being a successful writer.

First of all, he was dedicated to his craft of songwriting, recording and performing and worked with great focus on them all. He as extremely good at compartmentalising his mind so that he could give 100% of his attention to whatever he was doing.

And he never gave up no matter what happened. Even when his solo career flopped, he continued working with the band.

When touring, he worked extremely hard.

When recording in the studio he worked days and nights.

And this hard and constant work regimen works the same for successful writers.

You only need to look at some writers like Stephen King, J K Rowling and Issac Asimov to see that they all worked hard and never gave up.

They all worked to rigid deadlines with publishers.

Stephen King even worked at night in hotel rooms while he was travelling.

And Asimov worked till 9 pm every night.

The same hard work ethic can help you too.

I’ve always found that when I write more, I earn more. And writing gets easier the more I do it which motivates me to keep going.

Over the years I’ve made my own writing even easier by developing different systems for writing blogs, freelancing and book writing.

And to help others, I’ve incorporated my book writing knowledge into The 7 Day Ebook Writing and Publishing System.

It makes the whole process easy and fast.

Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions and it will feel as though the book is writing itself.

And this will inspire and motivate you to write even more.


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