How I ‘Heard’ About Writing More

By Ruth Barringham

For the past year or so I’ve been distracted from my writing for several personal reasons, including the death of my father, the death of my sister-in-law, and our much-loved greyhound, Banjo.

So all in all I haven’t been doing as much writing as usual, and of course, my income dropped somewhat.

I kept trying to write, but my motivation always seemed to be lacking. So I ended up with so many half-finished projects.

Then one day I had an epiphany.

I suddenly remembered that I had the Brain Salon CDs.

These are audio recordings that include ‘brain entrainment’ to help alter your state of mind, and the recordings include my two favourites, ‘Razor Sharp Focus’ and ‘Creative Spark’ which were the two I used the most, because one gets me focused quickly and then creativity easily follows.

When I first tried the audios I was skeptical. But they were expensive so I made sure I used them.

Every day I’d put my earbuds in, click ‘play’ and start writing. And after just a few Days I was amazed at how much writing I’d done. And not only that, but how easy it had become.

And yet I was so doubtful at first before I’d used them and thought that the whole thing was probably just a load of airy-fairy, hippy-dippy nonsense.

But despite my suspicions I decided to give them a go because I reasoned that if they were as good as the sales page claimed, then I was missing out on something quite amazing. And I’m always up for something that can help me be more productive, especially something like Brain Salon that is so easy to use and doesn’t even require more time to listen to it. I just listen as I write.

And I proved my skepticism wrong.

Each audio runs for 30 minutes during which time I can easily write 2 articles/blog posts, brainstorm, write a sort book chapter or outline a long one, write a magazine article or study.

So now that I’ve started using them again, I’m pumped.

If you want, you can prove me wrong about Brain Salon. Just download the free demo of Razor Sharp Focus and listen to it on a loop as you write.

Not only is it good for increasing focus and productivity, but I also use it when I’m working at the park or in the library to block out noise as well.

So it’s a win-win.

The demo is a free download and you can use it immediately and it can help you cowrite more and earn more.

And it works great for reading too because it gives me a better understanding and helps with recollection when I need it.

There is also the chill-out audio that helps you to feel that way all day so that you can carry on being productive, because it makes things seem so much easier.

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