Write By Hand Or Type Straight To Keyboard?

By Ruth Barringham

There has always been a debate amongst writers as to whether it’s better to write by hand and type your work up later, or to write straight to keyboard.

I always wondered about that myself.

I used to always write everything by hand first and then type it all up later.

But I hate typing and find it boring and repetitive to just sit there hitting one key after another. I also found it to be a slow way to work because by writing by hand and then by keyboard, I felt like I was writing the same thing twice and I kept thinking how much more I could write if I just did it straight to keyboard.

So years later, I decided to give it a try.

I would write outlines by hand, and then go straight to the keyboard to write the whole thing in full.

But what I found was that writing that way seemed too mechanical so I didn’t feel as creative. Not only that, but I found that it took away my enthusiasm to write because writing didn’t seem to be as much fun.

So even though it’s slower to write everything by hand first, I went back to writing that way because:

- It makes me feel more creative
- I look forward to writing
- I can slouch anywhere while I write
- I write more because I enjoy it more

I also use a timer for typing to make me stick with it and get it done. I work better when working against the clock.

I also use the free writing app Grammarly for finding errors because I make more typos when I’m not looking at the keyboard. I touch-type which means I’m only looking at my hand-written work and type by touch instead of looking at the keyboard.

So although it’s slower to work this way, I find that I still get much more done because at least I actually get my writing done, as opposed to writing straight to keyboard, which I don’t like doing so I tend to write less.

So to me it’s a win-win situation because I like to write by hand, and I’m more productive this way.

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