How to Change Your Brain So You Can Write More

By Ruth Barringham

I recently bought an amazing book called 'Change Your Brain Change Your Life.’

It’s written by Dr Danial G Amen who also wrote another book I love called ‘How to Get Out of Your Own Way.

In Change Your Brain Change Your Life he talks about our brains being made up of 4 major parts, one of which is the biological part. In other words, the physical brain itself.

And one of the most important ways to take care of our brain is by changing our diet so that we actually feed our brains. In fact, Dr Amen uses improved diets in his clinics to help his patients improve their brains, so it definitely works. His book is full of examples of patients with improved brain function using nothing but dietary changes.

I know that diet is important to how our brains work, because I went through the same thing many years ago when I improved my diet by cutting out animal body parts and animal excretions such as eggs, dairy and honey. I did it first for cruelty reasons, secondly for environmental reasons, and thirdly for health reasons. But it wasn’t until months later that I realised I had better focus, better concentration and better memory recall. I also found that I saved a lot of money because eating healthier is also a lot cheaper.

I felt better physically and psychologically. Changing my diet to plant based, is not only the best thing for the animals it saves, but also it’s the biggest step anyone can take in aiming for a zero-waste lifestyle.

I remember searching online years ago and being horrified at what I found about the hell that is factory farming, how it’s ruining the planet faster than anything else we do AND it’s slowing killing us. Not only is it bad in these ways, but it’s also bad for our brains, because diet is important for improved brain function.

Years ago I read about trials that were done with university students. Just before sitting an exam, they were given lunch. One group was given the usual meat-based lunch of burgers and fries while the others were given a healthy salad. And 100% of the salad group did better in the exams that the meat-eating group.

One hundred percent. Can you believe that?

Since then I’ve also looked into other ways to improve myself as a writer, not to make my writing better, but also to make it easier.

And what I’ve discovered is that we don’t write in a vacuum. Everything we experience affects our writing ability including our environment, diet, exercise and mindset.

Interestingly, these things are all linked together, such as, if we’re not happy with our working environment, then we won’t have the best mindset, and if we don’t get enough exercise, it affects our ability to think.

If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Make sure that every day you improve your diet, your environment, the amount of exercise you get, and do whatever else it takes to improve your mindset. Even trying something small like listening to relaxing music while you write can make a huge difference.

Just try it for yourself and see how much positive impact it can have not just on your writing, but how it can carry on throughout the rest of your life as well.

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