You just have to make the effort

By Ruth Barringham

The 12 Month Writing Challenge

Every year I get asked the same question over and over again.

And this year is no exception.

The question is still being asked.

Am I being asked this question all the time because I don’t give anyone the answer they need?

No. I tell them the exact answer they need.

The problem is that it isn’t the answer they want.

The question I keep getting asked is “How can I make money from writing?”

The answer I give is always the same.

“You need to write.”

And it  never ceases to amaze me how many people want to earn money from writing but they aren’t prepared to put in any effort and actually do the writing.

Or they think they can write a few articles and blog posts and sit back and earn money from it forever.

But that’s not how it works.

If you do your research and look up any successful writer and how they make their money, the common thread that runs through all their stories, is that they write.

They write a lot.

All of them are prolific writers.

And to help people who want to make money from writing I even created The 12 Month Writing Challenge which has proven hugely popular over the last few years because it leads you by the hand and can help anyone earn over $36K from their writing in just 12 months.

And the thing is, it’s not telling anyone anything they don’t already know. It simply gets them started and keeps them going.

All writers already know how to write for magazines, create a website, write ebooks, write for clients, plus other ways to make money writing.

But they won’t do it.

That’s whereThe 12 Month Writing Challenge can help.

It puts it all in a time frame to complete projects month by month, step by step.

It gets you doing what you should be doing by giving you assignments and deadlines.

At first all this work may seem hard, but it’s only because you’re not used to it.

But you’ll get used to it because all it’s doing is getting you to put in the effort needed to get you to where you really want to be.

And while this may all seem like nothing but a sales pitch for The 12 Month Writing Challenge, what I’m really trying to tell you is that sometimes you need a bit of a push from a course like this to get you going - and keep you going.

But however you decide to do it, just make it a daily habit to make the necessary effort to fulfil your writing dream.

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