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Warning: this is an old website and these pages are only online to demonstrate how bad I was at website design and content back then (around 2002) when I first started online. Therefore many of the links will no longer work and most of the information will be out of date. You can see my new Writeaholics website at https://ruthiswriting.com.

  Welcome to Writeaholic.co.uk - the web site for serious writers who want to get published and get paid, not just every month or every week - but EVERY DAY.

This web site is full of articles and reports from writing and web experts all over the world who are willing to share their secrets, tips and tricks.

Why not check them all out?

There's also lots of free resources for writers.

I've also started work on my new web site at https://ruthiswriting.com

This is going to be a great site and will eventually take the place of Writeaholic.co.uk so take a look and bookmark it now because new content is going to be added soon.

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So take a look now at Workathomeaholic.com. and https://ruthiswriting.com. You'll find everything you need to become a really successful writer.

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