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Writing Markets

writers markets

Horror Tree
A site with plenty of current markets for horror writers, including markets for podcasts, anthologies, websites, books, and magazines.

101 Sites That Pay You $50-$3000 per Blog Post
A list of online magazines and blogs that will pay you from $50 up to $500 or more per article.

Freedom With Writing
List hundreds of the latest markets for freelance writers. Easy to browse.

Fractured Lit
Publishes Micro and Flash Fiction.
Micro Fiction for Fractured Lit is 400 words or less.
Flash Fiction is 401-1,000 words.
Flash categories are open year round.

Writing Competions.org
A current list of writing competitions from all over the world.

All Indie Writers
This is a directory of paying freelance writer's markets. You can browse the writer's markets by category below or search if you're looking for something specific. All markets included in this directory are paying markets. Payment details are included in summaries where possible.
Also has a writing jobs board

Funds For Writers
List of current writing markets. Note: these markets are the caliber of FundsforWriters and TOTAL FundsforWriters meaning $200 or 10 cents/word in payment.

Worldwide Freelance Writer
Has a paid and free database of writing markets you can search.
With the Free Access you can search approximately 500 writing markets.

Freelance Writing Gigs
Lists current writing jobs from across the internet including CraigsList.

Lists writing jobs in Australia.

Write Jobs
Has a huge list of current writing jobs, editing jobs and writing contests as well as a huge database of paying literary markets for poetry and fiction.

Pays $100 via PayPal for a fascinating list of 10 things. You must be able to back up your 10 claims with links to online sources and your list must be a minimum 1,000 words. Current lists are; 10 Insane Military Tactics That Actually Worked, 10 More Extremely Bizarre Phobias, 10 Astounding Ways Spiders Use Webbing.

Blogging Pro.com
Lists current job openings for bloggers and copywriters.

All Freelance Writing.com
A directory of paying freelance writers’ markets. You can browse the writers’ markets by category or search them using the search box provided if you’re looking for something specific.

This website lists dozens of current jobs for bloggers. The jobs are listed by date.

BBC Writers' Room
The BBC in the UK lists all it's current competitions for radio plays, screen plays and TV dramas, and also has information on how to write a script and how to send a script to the BBC. They are always looking for interesting ideas.

A website listing current jobs for writers, bloggers, copywriters, article writers and more.

A website with an extensive and constantly updated list of markets where you can submit, track and report your successes. A great website if you're serious about submitting article proposals or works of fiction. This site will help you get up and running and stay there. Take a free trial membership.

Pitch a Script For a movie, TV show or reality TV show