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The Terrifying
New Horror Novel
R E Barringham

When a computer game has the ability to kill, you have to start...Playing For Real

When Josh Harrison inherits the computer game made by his dead uncle, he is amazed at how real the on-screen graphics look.

But he soon discovers that the game is more real than he could ever have imagined.

When he first begins to play the game, it appears to be just an ordinary hero's quest game and apart from the amazing, life-like graphics, it's quite dull.

But when Josh begins to notice the similarities between the deaths of his on-screen hero and the deaths happening around him, he decides to stop playing.

The game, however, has other ideas.

So to stop any more deaths Josh has to play again and again to try and win the game and stop all the brutal killings.

The game continues to choose it's victims by feeding from Josh's negative emotions. Whoever he becomes angry with, even for a moment, becomes the next victim.

Eventually the game turns on the two people Josh loves most, and so it becomes a heart-wrenching battle of life-or-death as Josh attempts to triumph and bring an end to this nightmare situation he's found himself in.

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Playing For Real
Published in paperback on 25th May 2007 by

Cheriton House Publishing Pty Ltd.

Playing For Real is a gruesome story and one not to be missed by lovers of horror.

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