Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting The Life You Want

by James Arthur Ray

Harmonic Wealth

There have been thousands of self help books published over the last few years. Some are good and some are not so good. This one, however, is great.

I've owned this book since 2010 and when I first read it I took a lot of notes because I didn't want to miss a thing that I was reading and I also wanted to put it into practice. So after about my 3rd reading of the book I started to do the exercises and what I discovered about myself was quite revealing. It turns out I wasn't the person I thought I was, but now, after following the steps outlined in this book, I'm now much closer to living up to who I really am and livng the life I've always wanted.

This is a great book if you're willing to work your way through it (and not just passively read it) and actually make the changes to your life that it's telling you to do.

I couldn't put this book down and re-read it several more times.

It was a shame about what happened to the author back in 2012 when 3 people died at the Sedona Retreat he was running and that he had to spend 20 months in jail. But if he can write such a great book as this, then I'm sure he can bounce back from just about anything.

So the following is a list of the notes I took (but not all of them because the list was too long to publish here) and I hope it helps you to live who you really are and move towards the life you want. -:

To live a harmonically wealthy life you need wealth in all areas of your life:

  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Physical

These are the 5 Pillars of Harmonic Wealth

This book walks you through all the steps needed to find harmony in all areas of your life.

You need harmony, not balance. Balance is dead and unmoving.

Start with intentions for each of the 5 pillars.

Decide what you have to do and what you need to change to move forward in your life and improve it in every area.

All beliefs are limiting.

You need to get comfortable being uncomfortable in order to grow.

Steps needed for growth in all areas.

Recognition is the first law of transformation. Get outside yourself and look with fresh eyes at the life you have created for yourself.

Need to get back to who you are and move away from the person you've become.

List all the things you want to change in your life. Pick the most important and focus on that one first.

Look after yourself physically.

You wouldn't buy a thoroughbred race horse, feed it on burgers and fries, and still expect it to perform at it's best. So why treat yourself that way?

Don't think about being overweight and eating junk food. Don't give it your attention. Instead think of a healthy diet, more exercising and a slim and fit body.

Being busy isn't an excuse for being unhealthy. It takes just as much time to buy a healthy lunch as an unhealthy lunch. Cooking a healthy meal takes the same amount of time as cooking an unhealthy meal.

Success breeds success.

Don't say anything self-negative, even as a joke.

Move your body every day. Do some form of aerobic exercise and stretching.

Don't wait for motivation before exercising. It will never come. Motivation never happens before exercising.

Oxygen is the most important nutrient in our bodies.

Breathing ratio is 1:2 which means breath out twice as long as you breath in.

We cannot be healthy if we have negative emotions.

There are no good or bad experiences. We just feel fear or guilt when something happens.

Fear is nothing more than a future imagined state where we think we'll feel more pain rather than pleasure.

Guilt is an emotion of the past. It's when we remember a past imagined action. The past isn't real.

People with less stress in their lives live longer and more fruitful lives.

Multi tasking makes us wrongly believe that we're getting lots done. But it's not. Instead we are only increasing the feeling of stress and pressure which is harming our health.

Just because you're busy, it doesn't mean you're efficient.

Multi tasking causes chaos in our minds so we're not present, so everything suffers.

Make sure you're fully present in everything you do.

20 minutes of deep meditation equals 2 hours of sleep and gives you more energy and focus.

Spirituality is the one-on-one relationsip you have with your creative source.

Your creative source is where you endlessly and tirelessly devote your heart, mind and spirit. A place of abundance.

You can read lots of books on Egypt and know a lot ABOUT Egypt, but you won't KNOW Egypt until you've been there. The same is true of spirit.

You must master ordinary states of consciousness before you can move on.

Do the work you need to do in this world first. Get a job. Lose weight. Get your house in order.

Material and spiritual goals are the same. Giving up the material world to become more spiritual is nothing more than escapism.

Pursue ALL your goals with the same enthusiasm.

A life in harmony is dynamic and always changing. Move with it.

Know what you're good at and let your ego play it to the max.

Play to the end and then move on to the next thing.

Set aside the old before embracing the new.

If something is over, let it be over.

As you search for your true self, you'll become more and more disillusioned with things you held as important and true.

Eventually you'll see wonder and opportunity in almost everything and you'll start to notice other enlightened people.

Meditation is about focusing your mind and controling your attention.

Meditation creates more joy, happiness and contentment.

Regular meditation gives you laser-like focus so you can get a month's work done in a day.

Yoga is a meditative practice.

No matter what you do, be fullly engaged in every task. It doesn't matter if you're succeeding or failing.

Do what you're doing for the sake of doing it and not for an expected outcome.

Live at your true potential by immersing yourself in everything you do.

Make your true spirituality a central part of your life. Don't hide it from anyone.

Regret is the greatest pain a human can experience.

We are creating our own life all the time with everything we think and do.

Become your true spiritual self and live fully in this world, but never become OF this world.

Answers to what you want are simple, but living them is never easy. You have to live differently to your conditioned norm and those around you won't understand.

Just 10 minutes a day thinking about an idea can create massive shifts in your life.

You must think, feel and act FROM your desired outcome, not TOWARDS it.

Never focus on your current situation.

You won't get fit by exercising once.

Build action on top of action to reach your goals.

Control your focus of attention and you change and control your life.

Are you willing to go too far to see how far you can go?

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Harmonic Wealth

Harmonic Wealth

This review was written on 25th September 2010 (published in 2013)

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