Crypto Copywriting Secrets
How to Create Profitable Sales Letters Fast - Even if You Can't Write Your Way Out of a Paper Bag Now!

by Ben Settle 2012
Published by Settle LLC.

Crypto Copywriting Secrets

This Kindle ebook is a collection of 5 email newsletters which collectively cover how to write an effective sales letter.

Because this ebook is written by master copywriter, Ben Settle, I knew it would be good and was expecting great things, yet it turned out to be far better than I thought.

It begins simply enough by saying that a good sales letter should contain the following in this order:

  • Headline
  • Lead
  • Story
  • Bullets
  • Close

In then goes on in detail about how to write each one.

In the headline chapter, it says that you need to really unerstand your prospect and get into their world by understanding their problems, desires and wants. I've heard this information before, but in Crypto Copywriting Secrets, the author doesn't just tell you to do this, but also instructs you exactly how to do it by asking the right questions (and he gives the questions to you). I couldn't help but think that if you find the answers to these questions you will DEFINITELY understand your prospect.

The author's idea of a good headline is one that your prospects can't ignore and he offers real examples to prove how effective a great headline can be by examining each one, and even improving on some of them.

He also shows you how you can write a first draft of your sales letter, or even just a list of ideas, and edit it until it's a perfect sales letter.

The author says that when done right, the story can carry the sale. He then goes into detail to explain the 6 different story telling formats and uses examples to show how they can each be used effectively.

In Chapter 3 (and this is the kind of thing I love to know) he explains how you can create the perfect product by writing the sales page and bullet points first BEFORE you write the ebook. Genius!

He sees writing bullets as THE must-have skill because one good bullet that gets into the prospect's psychie can close a sale.

The author says he writes an average of 50 bullet points in a sales letter and has written up to 200. He says that once you have your bullets, you can use them as the raw material for everything else in your sales page.

He goes on to explain the 12 different ways to write bullets plus (and I love this) how to arrange them in the sales letter for maximum impact. For instance, did you know that the last couple of bullets on a page are the second most read bullets because "skimmers" will read the first few and skim to the bottom few (and he shows you how to use this for the best effect).

He also explains the simple process of using the "loop" effect with bullets to keep prospects reading all the way to the end of your sales letter.

This is all such insightful information and I've never heard any other copywriter talking about this before.

Finally, in the last chapter, the author explains how he uses emails to pre-sell his products. He says that this is the reason why he doesn't use affiliates because he doesn't want "cold" prospects reading his sales pages. He pre-sells with emails and lets them do all the heavy lifting so that by the time someone clicks through to his sales page, they are always pre-sold and ready to buy. This is really clever stuff.

Throughout the book there are also critiques of real sales pages, that, athough they look perfect at first glance, are actually full of minor flaws and it only takes a few tweaks and rewording to make them more compelling, which is demonstrated each time.

Do I have anything bad to say about this ebook?

My only small criticism would be that one of the sales page examples is for selling guns. As I'm totally opposed to gun ownership (we're not used to it in Australia where I live) I found the sales page hard to stomach. Perhaps a more non-controversial topic would have been better.

But other than that, I loved this ebook and can't wait to get to work re-writing all my sales pages. I've read quite a few books and ebooks about copywriting, including the late, great Eugene Schwartz's 'Breakthrough Advertising' but nothing has been as usable as all the information crammed into this little ebook. It's the best $3 I've ever spent and is going to be worth thousands $$$ to me.

If you want to know how to write a great sales letter, just download this sales letter writing instruction book, and you can get to work straight away.

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Crypto Copywriting Secrets

Crypto Copywriting Secrets

This review was written on 18th February 2013

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