How to Have a 48 Hour Day
- Get Twice As Much Done As You Do Now

By Don Aslett

ISBN: 0-937750-13-1

How to Have a 48 Hour Day - Get Twice As Much Done As You Do Now

This is one of the best books to read about managing your time because not only is it as informative as heck, but it’s also extremely entertaining and even has amusing little cartoons throughout.

The author, Don Aslett, has an easy laid-back and intriguing style of writing and he only ever writes about what he himself has experienced, and how to squeeze an extra 24 hours out of every day is something he’s been doing all his life, so he has plenty of personal stories to demonstrate exactly what he’s talking about.

In the US, Don Aslett is the king of cleaning and runs a hugely successful cleaning empire and employs thousands of people and has written several books on the subject too. He also owns a cleaning museum.

He has always been an over-achiever and doesn’t find it difficult at all, as he explains in his book.

He met his wife in college, and they were married while they were still full-time students.

During the first five year of their marriage they started a cleaning business and quickly built it up and employed hundreds of students. During this time they also earned their degrees, had four of their (eventual) six children, bought a house, were active in their church and community work, were part of the student government, played sport, went on vacations, played with their kids, and spent fun days out with them.

They had their other two children in the following two years.

He said that while he and his wife were achieving so much, other students took on one or two classes and a part-time job, and it took up all of their time because they accepted and expected that it’s all they could do.

But more could be done.

He says don’t wait for outside forces to help you - parents, the government, the boss, etc.

There is never “too much” to do. Most people just never dedicate their time and energy to their work.

When there’s less to do, people slow down and start complaining of time shortages.

There are always more things that need doing. People that get on with what they need to do are more responsive, active, and inspired than they are with less to do on a light schedule.

If we don’t expect much of ourselves, we don’t do much. We only do what is average. We only do what’s acceptable, and what’s been done before.

Doing more doesn’t take more time or make you busier, it simply means that you accomplish more in the same time that others do less.

Accomplishment is a much bigger motivator than dreams, promises, stories, and plans for future success.

Thinking about things and getting ready to begin creates enthusiasm, but nothing is more exciting than being finished and accomplishing a task.

It also makes you want to do more. And it builds self-respect.

If you’ve ever wanted to have more time to do more things and have a blast reading about how to do it, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

I recommend reading this book to everyone on the planet.


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- Get Twice As Much Done As You Do Now
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How to Have a 48 Hour Day - Get Twice As Much Done As You Do Now

How to Have a 48 Hour Day
- Get Twice As Much Done As You Do Now

This review was written on 28th January 2023

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