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11th February 2015 

Stop Dreaming of Becoming a Wealthy Writer.
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Hi, I’m Ruth Barringham and thank you for being a subscriber to Writeaholic News.

If you've been with me for some time, you'll notice that this newsletter is in the old style that I used to send out each week.

Since I changed the type of emails I send, I kind of missed the old way. And now that I have my blog, I thought it might be better to send a newsletter from the website, and updates and short pieces of writing via the blog.

So in my crazy-little-monkey-mind-way that I do, I've gone back to old school email newsletters. I hope you like it too. I think it has much more value to whoever reads it than the way I've been doing this lately.

Anyhoo, I've been crazy-busy working on one of my other websites this week, plus I've been doing some part-time tutoring at my local college, teaching others how I work as an online writer and marketer.

The course is proving really popular so they are running it again soon after it finishes. It's only a 6 week course so I have to pack loads into it. My poor students look hagard from all the work I'm giving them but hopefully, by the end of the 6 weeks they'll be earning money from their online writing and it's something they can carry on with long after the course is over.

The college admin people also want to talk to me about expanding the course into 3 separate areas and running it as 3 separate classes every week. I also have to teach each lesson twice (one during the day and one in the evening). I'm not sure how far I'll go yet because it's really eating into my own writing time, not to mention all the travelling I have to do, and I'm not used to travelling to work, unless you count walking out of the house to the table on our big wooden deck. :)

In this week's new old-style newsletter I've included some interesting tid-bits in the news section, a link in the Resources section to a page where I've added some great affiliate networks you can join, and some useful links to online writing jobs, three of which are for ongoing positions.

Enjoy your week and don't stop writing.


Life is an escalator: You can move forward or backward; you can not remain still..

~Patricia Russell-McCloud



'Fifty Shades of Grey' Author Overruled Director's Preferred Ending
Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James will have the last word. Literally.

Tweets to Start Showing Up In Google Searches
Twitter has reportedly struck a deal with Google to make real-time tweets more visible on the technology titan’s search engine.

More than Money: A how-to author makes a change
Nikki Moustaki: I made my name—or “built my brand,” 
as the saying goes these days—writing how-to books. After earning an M.A. and two M.F.A.s in creative writing (that’s right, three barely useful degrees), I turned one of my hobbies into a career.

RapidShare Calls It Quits
RapidShare, one of the longest-running file-sharing websites, has finally decided to close its doors. On Tuesday, the Switzerland-based site abruptly announced that it will “stop the active service" on March 31.

Turning Pages: The weird ways of promoting books - there's always a challenge 
James Patterson has a new gimmick to sell his latest novel. Cue the Mission Impossible theme tune and a spooky voice: You have 24 hours to read this book before it self-destructs.

3 E.B. White classics will soon be available as e-books
HarperCollins announced Wednesday that "Charlotte's Web," ''Stuart Little" and "The Trumpet of the Swan" can be purchased as e-books starting March 17.

Harper Lee is 'happy as hell' about new book
Was reclusive and ailing author Harper Lee an active participant in the astonishing decision to publish a long-awaited second novel?


7 Strategies For Writing 3 Books in 3 Years
I sat down to write my first book on June 17th, 2011. I know this because it was the day after my 24th birthday, and I’d left my job, my city, and my home to start it. This was the day I first allowed myself to actually write.

The 7 Day Ebook Writing System
Do You Want To Work From Home Writing and Selling Ebooks? Have You Always Dreamed of Having This Type of Lifestyle? Do You Envy Others Who Are Already Living Your Dream?

Sublimial Guru
Claim your two free audio albums from Sublimal Guru.
These new and amazing audios can help you to Be Super Creative, Enjoy Total Focus, Think Outside The Box, Get Super Organised and much more. Just browse the albums and download 2 absolutely free.

Work Online As an Affiliate Marketer
If you want to work as an online writer, one the most profitable ways is by working as an affiliate marketer. And the following webpage has links to affiliate networks you can join. Several more have been added to the bottom of the page too.

Write a Movie Script in a Month
Got a great movie idea stuck in your head? How about writing the next big block buster movie script? This package consisiting of a writing course, bonuses and software, comes with a guarantee that you'll secure your first movie contract within 12 months - or your money back.

Become a Writer Extraordinaire
Do you know what the secret is to being a successful writer, working at home and earning money from your writing? It's being a prolific writer. Someone who can sit down and be uber productive. Able to write more in a shorter time. This is where the money happens.


Tarot Expert Wanted For Insightful Advice Blog 
Looking for an expert on Tarot cards to help explain them to the broader public and demonstrate their usefulness and power.
Payment: $30+ a post/ 3-5 posts per week.

US/Chinese Publisher Looking For Children's Stories/Articles
Xiaoduo Media (????), a publisher based in both New York and Beijing is looking for children’s authors. They currently publish three monthly magazines and an assortment of book series for ages 6 to 14.
Length of work is 600 to 2,000words.
Payment: 0.25 USD per word

that's life! Fast Fiction 
Australian women's magazine looking for fiction stories of 1 page to 4 pages long, 600 words ot 2,600 words.
Payment: $200 to $500 AUD per story published.

Renaissance Magazine
Accepts brief queries and full submissions of nonfiction articles exploring renaissance and medieval life and culture, how-to topics, travel, and the renfaire experience. Focus is on renaissance and medieval culture and lifestyle. Articles of 2,000 are wanted, although shorter pieces may be considered. Book, DVD, and CD reviews are also published.  
Also looking for regular contributors.
Payment: 10 cents per published word. $7.50 per published image

Permant Blog Writer Wanted For Digital Marketing Blog
Article writer wanted for blog about making money online.
Articles must be at least 3,000 words and many will be need to be written.
Apply stating your freelance rates.

Editor Wanted at LifeHacker.org
Editor required to edit contributors articles before publication. This is an ongoing position.
Payment: $3 to $10 per article depending on the amount of editing needed.

Sci-fi Stories Wanted
EscapePod is a website that turns written stories into podcasts.
They are currently looking for stories of 2,000 to 6,000 words centered on science, technology, future projections, alternate history, and how any or all of these things intersect with people.
Payment: 0.06 cents per word plus 0.03 cents per word for reprints.



You Just Have To Make The Effort

Every year I get asked the same question over and over again.

And this year is no exception.

The question is still being asked.

Am I being asked this question all the time because I don’t give anyone the answer they need?

No. I tell them the exact answer they need.

The problem is that it isn’t the answer they want.

The question I keep getting asked is “How can I make money from writing?”

The answer I give is always the same.

“You need to write.”

And it never ceases to amaze me how many people want to earn money from writing but they aren’t prepared to put in any effort and actually do the writing.

Or they think they can write a few articles and blog posts and sit back and earn money from it forever.

But that’s not how it works.

If you do your research and look up any successful writer and how they make their money, the common thread that runs through all their stories, is that they write.

They write a lot.

All of them are prolific writers.

And to help people who want to make money from writing I even created The 12 Month Writing Challenge which has proven hugely popular over the last few years because it leads you by the hand and can help anyone earn over $36K from their writing in just 12 months.

And the thing is, it’s not telling anyone anything they don’t already know. It simply gets them started and keeps them going.

All writers already know how to write for magazines, create a website, write ebooks, write for clients, plus other ways to make money writing.

But they won’t do it.

That’s where The 12 Month Writing Challenge can help.

It puts it all in a time frame to complete projects month by month, step by step.

It gets you doing what you should be doing by giving you assignments and deadlines.

At first all this work may seem hard, but it’s only because you’re not used to it.

But you’ll get used to it because all it’s doing is getting you to put in the effort needed to get you to where you really want to be.

And while this may all seem like nothing but a sales pitch for The 12 Month Writing Challenge, what I’m really trying to tell you is that sometimes you need a bit of a push from a course like this to get you going - and keep you going.

But however you decide to do it, just make it a daily habit to make the necessary effort to fulfil your writing dream.


That’s all for now. I hope you found plenty to help and inspire you to become the writer you always dreamed of being.