April Issue 2006

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I was overwhelmed with the number of new subscriber to this
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Well as promised in the last issue, I've finished making the web page
template which is available fr*ee in this issue of Writeaholic News.

To get your fr*ee template just go to
writeaholic.co.uk/webpagetemplate/web page template.html
then click on 'instructions' in the left hand column and that will take you
to the instruction page where it will tell you everything you need to know (I hope)
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Don't forget, you can copy the page as many times as you want to
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This template is only available for a short time (less than 1 week) and
then it will go out on general sale. So get your copy before it's too late.

If anyone wants me to help with the content of their web page and
help them to find other appropriate affiliate programs, then
as I am a web page designer, I will be happy to work with you
(for a smaller than normal fee for my subscribers) and get your
web page up and running in less than a week.
Just email me if you require my services.

I've also decided to start another web site.

At the moment I'm using Writeaholic.co.uk to provide information
for writers as well providing information for ways to make money online
because as a writer, I know it's important to find as many sources
of income as possible.

But there's not enough room on one web site to provide all this
so I've decided (in my infinite wisdom) to create another site
aimed specifically for online incomes and keep Writeaholic.co.uk
for writers.

I currently have another web site at http://www.ruthbarringham.co.uk
but I've temporarily stopped using it and I plan to combine it with the
Writeaholic.co.uk web site. Phew! So many plans and so much to do.
A writer's work is never done

Don’t forget to regularly go to http://www.writeaholic.co.uk for all the latest updates,
articles, offers and more.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy your web page template,
this newsletter and all the other newsletters to come.


Get Your Work In Front Of Agents and Movie Producers

Well, as promised in the last issue of Writeaholic News,
here is some information about a web site where you can submit
your work and it will be seen by Agents and Movie Producers
amongst others.

The web site is at http://www.zoetrope.com
This site is owned and run by Francis Ford Coppola.

It's fr*ee to join and once a member you can submit your work
for review by other members, producers, agents, authors, etc.
But to be able to submit, you first can only submit one piece of work
and then you have to review 5 other pieces of work submitted
by other members, before you can submit more.

It's not as complicated as it sounds and they're looking for
short fiction writers, screenwriters, poets, songwriters, photographers,
storyboard artists, designers and more.

The site began in June 2000 and to date has over 81,000 members
and over 430,000 reviews have been done.

Stories workshopped at the Virtual Studio have been printed in
major publications; screenplays have been optioned for film and TV,
and many submissions have received prestigious awards.

One recent new member submitted a piece of work and
received 3 reviews; one from an author, one from a scriptwriter
and one from another new member, so he was suitably impressed.

Agents and Producers regularly check the site to see who's doing

One thing that the members always say, is that submitting to Zoetrope
keeps them focused and working hard, but the results are worth it.

So if you want to do some serious writing and get it Out There
where the 'right people' can see it, then take a fr*ee membership
at http://www.zoetrope.com
and start writing and reviewing.

Good luck and if anyone has any successes from Zoetrope then please
let me know.



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Current Freelance Markets

That's Life A full-page piece of fiction appears
each week and pays £300 per story. Stories should be written in a
chatty, conversational style, but not an out-and-out romance.
(Max. 1,000 words.) 'Twist in the tail' endings are
preferred. Submit to: Emma Fabian, That's Life,
H. Bauer Publishing, 24-28 Oval Road,
London NW1 7DT . Tel: 020 7241 8000. Fax: 020 7241 8008

A quarterly literary magazine that publishes fiction, non-fiction,
and poetry. Accepts submissions from around the world.
Non-fiction articles include interviews with literary figures
and essays on writing and literature. Pays from $200 for
short stories and $50 for poetry.
Contact: Tin House, PO Box 10500, Portland, Oregon
OR 97296-0500, USA for further information, or visit
the website for complete guidelines.

Looking for articles containing news and information
on health, child care, relationships, finances and
other matters of concern to today's family; as well as
dramatic personal experiences. Articles no more than 2,500 words.
They are also looking for short fiction. See web site for
current needs.

Wade & Doherty Literary Agency
Actively seeking submissions from new authors.
Send a short bio and first 10,000 words for fiction, or
a full length proposal for non-fiction, by email.
They promise a reply within 7 days.

A new independent production company seeking screenplays that
can be made for under $1 million. See web site for submission
details and screenplay release form.



Motivational Article

Do Not Wait!

By Vicheka Lay

Do you think the world does have everything,
so that you do not need to produce more? Do you think
you have contributed a lot to remain your human traces
in this world? In addition, take a while to think whether you
have or have not contributed to this world, what have
you contributed?

Everyday, I take not less than thirty minutes to think
of what I have contributed to this world, and I have found
out that I have contributed very little to even my own
family and nearly nothing to the whole society, so that
is not need to calculate my contribution
to the world as the whole.

Contemplating about these issues, I have always been
self-encouraged to write more and more, regarding to
different areas of studies and, in general, to contribute good
faiths to this existing world. I do not care whether others think
in contrast to my stance, I, myself, think what I am doing is in
good faith is more than enough.

If you think you have dramatically contributed to your self,
your family, your society and your world, you are encouraged
by me to do more, and if you think you have not
contributed anything, it is time for you to
act now. “Do not wait”, a phrase that I want you to start what
you think beneficial to yourself and to others. Do even a minor
thing that would bring benefit some day in the future.

Many have come to a complete halt, before they can start
to do business, write a book, apply for a job or scholarship,
propose a girl to get married, start reading a little book, express
the differences, contribute an article to the website or even to
enter on eatery. You need to act now, before everything
becomes too late.

I have always of the opinions that in order to write a book,
I have to collect countless information and be thoroughly
knowledgeable about the area I want to write about. Of
course, having thorough knowledge is right, but we do
not need to be a real expert in the field, as we write, more
ideas along the way while we are driving to work or school,
talking to friends, listening to radio, reading morning presses,
blamed by employer at workplace, more and more ideas and
even pioneer ideas will be flown in. If I do not start right now,
would I have chance to know my innate human potential, if I
am to die tomorrow?

What about if you would die tomorrow, would you be
able to accomplish your dream? Moreover, do
you know why the rich get richer and the
educated get more educated? There is only one reason
behind; they always want to be richer and more educated
and their actions are always on the move. This mean for
us as commoner, boundlessly contribute to the world if
you have already contributed the loads and if you have
not do it now, until the last day of your life: enlightened
potentiality crazing.

We, the commoners, always hesitate to “act now”,
due to idle reasons such as; too hot, too cold, too hard,
too scared, too high, too cheap or too expensive. These
negative indulgences make the rich the educated
catch our opportunities.

Always bear in mind that you have contributed very
less to this world, because the Internet article you are
reading, the lesson you learn in school, the keyboard,
hardcopy, floppy disk, USB, book cover, intellectuals’
quotes, toothpaste, college fees and even you underwear,
are not your effort; you are just the one using them
without understanding what they are and where they
came and will be coming from. Will you be still a person
whose mind in a complete standstill?

“Do not wait” wishes you, the readers, to act now, to
deposit more of your human traces in this world, before
you die tomorrow, who know!

Lay Vicheka is a translator for the most celebrated
translation agency in the Kingdom of Cambodia, Pyramid.
He is working as freelance writer for Search Newspaper,
focusing on social issues and students' issues.
Lay Vicheka has great experience in law and politics,
as he used to be legal and English-language
assistant to a member of parliament,
migration experience (home-based business) and
experience in writing. You are strongly advised to
contact him for any doubts or wonder about Cambodian
politics and even the world's phenomenon.
Posting address: 221H Street 93, Tuol Sangke quarter,
Russey Keo district, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Tel: 855 11 268 445, vichekalay@yahoo.com

(I thought I'd include this article because it's such
an entertaining read, and the lack of proper English
makes it even better. But dispite this, it's a very
thought-provoking piece of writing. Our work would
indeed greatly inprove if we 'Do Not Wait'.)


That’s all for this month.

I'll be back again in May with lots of markets
and money-making ideas.

If any of you have had any major writing successes
that you'd like others to know about, then please
email me and I'll include
it in next months Writeaholic News.

In the meantime, keep writing, get published and get paid.


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