This used to be where you could see my previous website but I have removed it after Loren Piel Attorney, claimed that after he purchased the domain name, that he now owns all the previous content of my website and all the photos and website design as well, after I created, designed, and published it for many years. Even though it's not true, I've removed it just to get him to leave me alone and to stop all the threatening letters he keeps sending me.

He has done nothing but harrass me for weeks and months and I am so damn sick and tired of him.

He claims to be an attorny yet he currently doesn't even have an office or any clients. In fact he's working for an airline company taking reservations. THAT'S how badly his attorney business is doing. And while he continues to work for Alaskin Airlines, I won't be booking any tickets through them because I want to stay as far away from Loren Piel as I can.

And in a report I purchased about him, it said that he has been declared bankrupt and had criminal charges brought against him in the past. I won't say any more about that, unless he hounds me again. Then I'll spill the beans.

And he has also lied and said, in a legal document, that he not only owns the whole of my old website, but that he also owns the guest articles on that site that were written by other authors. He actually lied and said that those articles were copyrighted to him. LIAR! LIAR!

He also misquoted from the contract we both signed to make it sound as though he did actually buy my whole website and not just the domain name and the right to republish the articles on it that were written by me. NEVER did I sell him my copyright of anything. In fact, not once is copyright even mentioned in the contract. And I certainly didn't sell him any rights to the articles written by other people. I don't even have the legal right to do that so it's ridiculous to suggest that I did. So he does not own the copyright of them even though he lied and said he did.

You can read more about it in an article I wrote called Writeaholics.net: Why I Don't Trust That Website.

Writeaholics.net was my old domain name that he bought. He even lied about buying it because in all his correspondence, that I still have, he claimed to be an attorney working for a client who wanted to anonymously purchase my domain name.

But even that was a lie because it was big fat (and he really is fat) Loren Piel himself who was buying it and not someone else.

If you want, you can go and have a look at writeaholics.net, but all you'll see is my old content because Loren Piel doesn't even seem to know what to do with a domain name that he paid a lot of money for. How silly is that?

But apparently, mine is not the only website he ever bought and failed with. According to the report I purchased about him, he's done it before.

I don't think he realises that a website isn't just a website, it's successful because of the company or person who owns it and includes their own creativity, input, ability to write great content and keep in touch with their email list.

I have a huge list of email subscribers that I keep in touch with regularly, and I took that list with me and now keep in touch with them from this new website.

So my online income keeps going, while, so far, Loren Piel doesn't seem to have made any and it also seems he can't even write some new content for my old site.

In fact, when he first posted all my old webpages back online, he also included all my affiliate links, the links to my products and all my PPC ads, so for a while he was unknowingly still helping me to earn money.

It wasn't until I thanked him for doing it that he removed them all the external links on the site immediately. Ha ha. THAT was hilarous.

What I really have never understood, is why someone would pay so much money for a domain name and a few articles when they don't have a clue what to do with them?

But I don't care, because it was me who received all his money. So while he is grossly out of pocket, I'm not.

Plus all the ridiculous threatening letters he's been paying a Kiwi lawyer to send me, must be costing him a fortune.

He keeps threatening to sue me over every tiny, little, unimportant thing.

I can only assume that he spends a lot of time checking my websites (at least the ones he knows about because I work in several different niches that he knows nothing about) and not only does his spying on me not make him any money, but it costs him a hell of a lot to get in touch with his little lawyer friend and get her to send me stupid letters like the one saying I had to remove the old titles of my articles, even though I'd already removed the articles themselves and replaced them with an explanation as to why they were not there any more. But the titles? Yep, he was threatening to drag me through court to get me to remove them.

I can't imagine being so hard up for something to do that I'd waste time checking someone's website over and over again and paying huge sums of money for a lawyer to threaten someone over a few article titles.

It seems so childish to me.

And while he continues to lead, what appears to be an empty and spiteful-fill life, I continue to write articles like this one and they continue to earn me money.

How much money are you earning online Mr Piel?

I know you'll read what I've written here because you are always stalking me online.

I'd laugh if it wasnt' so sad.