The 12 Month Writing Challenge

The 12 month writing challenge

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Are you sick and tired of wishing you could earn a full-time living as a freelance writer, but you just don't know how to earn money from writing, or you want to earn even more money from your writing?

Well, I'm about to show you how to earn at least $36,000 in just one year as a freelance writer.

The 12 Month Writing Challenge
One Whole Year of Writing Consistently
and Earning Over $36,000

From the Desk of Ruth Barringham
Writer, Author and Internet Marketer

Dear Fellow Writer,

You'd think that being a writer is easy wouldn't you? But if you've tried it you've probably found that while the 'dream' of working from home as a full-time writer seems easy, in reality it can be frustrating to know what to write and how to make money from your writing.

Sitting down to write every day might seem easy, but what are you going to write? How are you going to get your work published? And how are you going to make enough money from it to live on?

So then you feel frustrated and eventually actually sitting down on chair and writing becomes to hard to do.

Well, I used to be just like you so I know how you feel.

You want to be a freelance writer but you just never seem to be able to sit down and do it.

You just want to sit down and write, but you're not sure how, so you let procrastination take control every time.

And then what happens?


You never write anything.

Sure, you go online and read about other writers working away happily and earning money from their writing and you think "I can do that too".

So you sit down to write and...

Procrastination creeps in again.

Why Can't You Write?

Because you don't have a writing plan. You just don't know where to begin or how to keep going.

Until now...

Take The 12 Month Writing Challenge

The 12 month writing challenge

Sorry, this book is currently unavailable

If you find that when it comes to being a writer, the hardest thing to do is sit down and write, then this challenge is for you.

The 12 Month Writing Challenge is a PDF downloadable one year writing plan that helps you every step of the way, for one full year, to write and earn money quickly.

You choose how you work - full-time or part-time.

All you need is a few hours a day to write, and you can soon be earning a full-time income from your writing.

How Much Money Will You Earn From Writing?

This is a question that writers always ask. And the answer is always the same.

The amount of money you can earn from your writing depends on how much writing you do. And I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that it will be easy. If you want to earn the money then you have to put in the hours of writing.

But even if you only have a couple of hours to write every day, as long as you're focused there's no reason why you can't earn $36,000, $46,000 or even $56,000 or more.

And I can personally guarantee that if you complete The 12 Month Writing Challenge you will earn a minium of $36,000 in the next year.

How can I be so sure?

Look at it this way. To earn $36,000 in a year, you need to earn $100/day (or just less) because $100 X 365 days/year = $36,500/year. And with everything that you're about to learn in The 12 Month Writing Challenge, $100/day will be easy.

And also remember that I'm the co-author of The Wealthy Writer - How to Earn $100k+/Year Writing For the Internet, so I definitely know what I'm talking about.

So if you're a good writer and you have the focus, drive and determination to complete The 12 Month Writing Challenge, there is no question of you not earning $36,000+ in the next year.

This is All You Need to Be Successful

But The 12 Month Writing Challenge is about much more than money.

Once you've finished, you'll not only have earned a lot money, but you'll have set up an ongoing residual income source for yourself.

AND you'll have gained the most important habit that all writers yearn for.

You'll Become a Prolific Writer

The 12 Month Writing Challenge gets you off the a flying start with your writing and keeps the momentum going for a full 12 months.

There are lots of ways to earn money as a freelance writer. And you could try them all if you want to and find the type of writing you like doing the most and stick with that.

Working that way will definitely get you to where you want your writing career to be in a few years.

But do you want to wait a few years?

This is how The 12 Month Writing Challenge will help you.

Because this challenge is intended to get you writing straight away and earning money from your writing quickly, it doesn't waste your time with telling you to market yourself as a freelance writer, or tell you to find clients to write for or tell you to send out your resume to thousands of businesses.

On the contrary...

You'll only be doing writing that you want to do AND you'll be earning money from it.

Just look at what you'll be doing over the next year -

30 Submissions in 30 Days.
You'll be doing this three times over the next 12 months. And you won't have to struggle to find freelance writing markets because you'll be guided every step of the way including what to submit, easy ways to find writing markets and how to keep track of your work.

Create Your Own Website
This is something that you won't struggle with either because all the information in this challenge makes it so easy. Even if you've never had your own website before, you'll learn how quickly you can do it, even if you know nothing about HTML code.

You'll discover how you can learn to build your own site, set up a blog, use web page templates, get an all-in-one hosting and website building package (this is SO easy to do), get your website up and running in just one day, monetize your site instantly, get visitors to sign up for updates, do affiliate marketing and market your site for free.

You'll just start off small and keep building up your site over the year. This will give you on-going, residual income all year and for many years to come.

Write and Publish Three Ebooks
You're going to learn how to write and publish ebooks. You'll begin by selling the first one from your own website and then you'll branch out further.

And there is help every step of the way and you'll learn how to brainstorm and write a great sales page, write an ebook, edit it, create an ebook file, create a cover for free (including a 3D cover image), market your ebook for free, publish it on Amazon.com and write and publish a press release for free.

Write Guest Blog Posts
Writing articles for guest blog posts or newsletter articles is one of the most effective ways of marketing online. One great article publish on a popular blog or in a newsletter can bring a stampede of visitors to your website and your affiliate sales, ebooks sales and advertising revenue can soar. I know this for a fact because I'm speaking from experience.

And you'll also discover how to find your target market for guest blogging, what type of articles to use plus another way to get visitors to our website from other people's blogs.

There is No Way You Can Fail

You'll find so much information and guidance in The 12 Month Writing Challenge that there is no way you can fail to become a prolific writer and earn over $36,000 or more in just 12 months, because The 12 Month Writing Challenge is designed to help you do just that.

The 12 Month Writing Challenge starts you writing quickly and consistently, and keeps you working for one full year.

So How Much Money Will You Earn?

If you're still at all unsure about taking The 12 Month Writing Challenge because you don't know if you can do it; let me ask you this:

How much money did you earn from your writing in the last 12 months?

And how much money do you expect to earn from your writing in the next 12 months?

When it comes to The 12 Month Writing Challenge, I think there is only one real question;

Can you afford NOT to take The 12 Month Writing Challenge?

Go On.

I dare you to do it...

The 12 month writing challenge

Sorry, this book is currently unavailable

Important Note:

The 12 Month Writing Challenge has recently been rewritten, revamped, improved upon and made huge with much more guidance, ideas, inspiration and motivation to get you writing and earning money fast.

Right now, if you act fast, you can get your own huge PDF downloadable copy of The 12 Month Writing Challenge.

So grab your own copy of The 12 Month Writing Challenge right now.

P.S. Just think... you can download The 12 Month Writing Challenge now and start earning $36,000 today.

P.P.S. Procrastination is a writer's worst enemy. Not only does it stop you doing what you really want to do, but it makes you think you can't do it.

Don't let procrastination win this time. Be determined to beat it once and for all.

The 12 month writing challenge

Sorry, this book is currently unavailable

Ruth Barringham