Stop Dreaming Of Becoming a Wealthy Writer.
Wake Up And Make It Your Reality

Jasper, The Future of Writing

Lunar Year of the Tiger 2022

How This Little Piece of Advice Earned Me $1,000

I was once mooching around looking for a way to earn some fast money from my writing.

Heinlein’s Simple Yet Difficult Rules For Writers

Robert Heinlein was an American science fiction writer who, in 1947, wrote his famous 5 rules for writers.

Why No One Cares That You’re A Successful Writer

Have you ever noticed that when you have a problem, people are all ears and want to hear about it?

How Writers Can Get Discovered and Become Successful

Guest Article by Julie Morris

Becoming a successful writer in the era of the internet is both hard and easy.

The Perfect Time To Write

We all love to go on vacation and “get away” from our stressful lives.

Track Your Writing By Word Count or Time?

Different writers work in different ways. Why? Because we’re all different.

The Ice-Cream Story: How I Became a Minimalist

Many years ago I used to be just like everyone else I knew. I worked, earned money, and spent it all.

How To Use These 3 Little Time Management Hacks to Double Your Writing Output

The low-scoring SEO headline above is one I wrote in my journal 2 years ago.

A Simple ‘Trick’ I learned To Find More Time To Write

“I don’t have time to write!”

Four Great Settings To Drive Your Book’s Plot

Post Contributed by Sophie McLean

There are days when writing can be easy, but some elements can be a real challenge

The Insanely Simple Way To Have More Ideas For Writing Than Ever Before

Writing ideas are something that some writers struggle with.

How to Master Writing More in the Shortest Time Possible

Have you read the book, The Secret?

The Simple Secret to Earning More Money From Writing

There are three reasons why I write:

Killer Online Content Strategies That Can Turn You Into a Highly-Paid Writer

Being a writer means more than writing books or writing online articles.

Writer Burnout Is a Real Thing And How To Stop It

I’ve been reading a lot lately about writer burnout.

Pulp Fiction Writing Has Gone Digital And Authors Are Earning A Fortune

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the old Pulp Fiction writers,

What You Should Know Before You Consider Working Remotely

Guest Post by Julie Morris

Working from home is gradually becoming a necessity for every company.

Write More in 2022

I was reading a book recently about Pulp Fiction writers and how much they used to write.

Write More in 2022

It’s now 2022 which means it’s a whole new year of writing and earning money.