My Response to an Email Query About Writing Quickly

By Ruth Barringham

A few days ago I received an email from someone who said they’d bought a copy of my book, The 7-Day eBook Writing and Publishing System. They said they were confused because they couldn’t see how it was possible to write a 15,000-word ebook in just 2 hours.

I have to admit, I was stumped because I had no idea how anyone could write that fast either. In fact, it’s impossible because that would mean typing at a speed of 125 wpm (words per minute) non-stop and that doesn’t include punctuation, spaces, or thinking.

The average professional typist works at speeds of 40 to 95 wpm, with most averaging at about 55 wpm. So there is no way I would tell anyone to type at more than twice the speed of a professional.

So I had a quick browse through the book the email was talking about to see where they’d got their mixed message from.

In the book I do talk about a simple ‘How To’ ebook being around 15,000 words, but I also said that it was just a guide I used and that some of my ebooks were much more and some were much less. But the book is about writing and publishing an ebook in 7 days not 2 hours.

Also, the book goes step-by-step through the whole 7-day process of finding an idea, outlining an ebook, proofing, getting a cover and publishing.

But there is also a large bonus chapter about how to write a short report or ebook in 2 hours.

In this bonus chapter I go through, in detail, how to outline and then write a short report in just 2 hours. I even explain how to do it as one problem, and one solution, written in one 2-hour sitting.

I also said that the bonus chapter itself was written in 2 hours, following the formula I’d outlined of exactly how to do it, just to prove that it could be done. And that chapter was only a few thousand words, not 15,000.

Somehow, the person who wrote the email hadn’t read through the book properly nor had they tried to work their way through it, and instead had somehow combined the information in the main part of the book with the bonus chapter, and thought that they should be able to write a 15,000-word ebook in 2 hours.

In the book I also said repeatedly, that writing fast takes time and practice, which it does. No one can do something perfectly or quickly every time without practice.

So I answered the person who’d emailed me and my response included quotes from the book to show them that they’d misunderstood, and that I wished them well with their writing.

It’s a shame when someone with so much enthusiasm doesn’t take the time to read through things carefully.

All my books, including my latest Monthly Challenge Writing Series, lay things out step-by-step to get you writing and earning fast.

And I hope they’re helping you too.

The Monthly Challenge Writing Series


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