An Easy Way To Get Into the Writing Flow

By Ruth Barringham

We all know about the writing flow; that state you get into when the ideas just keep coming and you’re writing and writing and never want to stop.

For others, being in the flow is a state they get into when they’re doing something they love doing.

For writers, it’s a state of writing flow.

Yet strangely enough, it’s not something that I know is going to happen before I sit down and write. In fact there are days when I don’t even particularly feel like writing, but I sit down anyway and the flow state comes upon me once I start writing.

I believe that the flow state, the ability to sit down and write for hours with my head bursting with ideas, is a gift. I don’t expect it, I never ask for it, and it doesn’t cost me anything. It just shows up and is given to me.

But how can you get into the writing flow if it’s a gift that you can’t demand, or force it to happen?

The answer to this is easy.

The answer is to just start writing.

When I’m not in the mood to write, I use the Pomodoro technique to get me started.

I put a timer on for 25 minutes and see how much I can accomplish in that time. What I find is that even if I’m starting with a blank page in front of me, once I start taking notes, or look over what I wrote the day before, without even thinking about it, the ideas start coming and I start working.

I usually find that it only takes one or two Pomodoros before I’m in the writing flow and I ignore the timer and don’t take a break because I just want to keep going. Some days I completely forget about the time and only realise I’ve been sitting there a long time when it gets too dark to see.

That’s how easy it is to get into the writing flow.

It’s also how surprising it is on days when I don’t particularly feel like writing, yet I can still end up in the flow.

Starting things is often hard, which is why using Pomodoros is so helpful, because they not only keep me working, but they also show me how much I can do in such a short space of time, which helps me to appreciate not wasting that time because so much productivity is lost.

But I love to write which is why being in the flow comes easily to me. It’s like I said earlier, being in the state of flow is easy when we’re doing something we love doing.

If you find that starting is the hardest part of writing, and you love to be in the writing flow, use Pomodoros to get you going, and if you’re anything like me, once you start, you’ll be in the writing flow before you know it.

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