Writing In A Window of Inspiration

By Ruth Barringham

Many people believe that in order to write, you need to be fully inspired and motivated before you even sit down. But it’s not true.

Any serious writer (and by that I mean anyone who actually writes for living, or who’s written several books) will tell you, inspiration doesn’t strike till after you sit down and start work.

When this happens, I find myself in a window of inspiration that can last for hours.

I write because I want to, not because I feel constantly inspired to do so. Writing is like any other job, whereby you might not feel like working, but once you start it’s easy to keep going.

Once I start working I can easily get lost in my writing. I forget about the time and I become unaware of everything around me. When my kids were younger I had to set a timer so that I didn’t forget to pick them up from school.

Sometimes, when I’m completely caught up in my work, I even forget to go to the toilet until I stand up and realise my bladder is full and I have to literally run to the bathroom.

On days like this I also forget to eat and will end up having lunch at 3pm while I watch Judge Judy.

On other days I have to stop working because I suddenly look up and realise it’s dark. If I write in the evenings I end up working later than I expected when I should be in bed.

I love having windows of inspiration to work in. It’s so satisfying to work this way and it’s when I write most of my best stuff. It also means I write much more than usual which means I earn more too.

At the same time, I’ve learned so many ways to write and earn money which is why I teach others to do it too.

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You can just write, get lost in windows of inspiration, and earn money.

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