Stop Making Excuses. Just Write

By Ruth Barringham

A few days ago I was re-reading my favourite book on productivity. It’s called ‘How to have a 48-hour day’ and it’s so inspiring that I keep reading it over and over.

The author, Don Aslett is one of the most productive people I’ve ever come across. There seems to be no end to how much this man can achieve and in this book he explains how he does it, but he’s such an over-achiever that it would be hard for us mere mortals to keep up with how much he can do.

However, there is a lot of his advice that we could all follow if we want to get more done and get more out of life like he does.

One of his useful pieces of advice is to work and get things done no matter what. He says to always be productive and always be working on something without any excuses.

He says that a big mistake people make is labelling things as either ‘work’ or ‘leisure’ and by definition we think of work as being hard and leisure as being easy.

But that’s not the case. Just because we think of something as being fun, it doesn’t mean that it’s not hard work, which is why we’re always exhausted after being away on holiday, or we’re tired after a day out with the family. Sometimes hobbies can be exhausting too, whether it’s building a boat or taxing our brains over difficult puzzles.

On the other hand, going to work in familiar surroundings, with people (work colleagues) we know and doing a job that we know how to do, is easy by comparison to all those ‘leisure’ activities.

The truth is that whatever work we’re doing we’re happy, whether it’s going to our job, spending time with family, going to church, helping in the community, a creative hobby, home maintenance, renovations, gardening, or anything else that’s productive and improves our life.

He also says there is no such thing as being too tired to do something and you should just work through it. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re too ill, or it’s too late. Do something productive and you’ll feel better.

He says that when he’s in the writing ‘flow’ he can sit and work from 4am to 3pm without a break.

And this is how a super productive person gets so much done.

I’ve tried taking a leaf out of his book and it works. If I think it’s too late to start doing something, or I’m just too tired, or I feel a bit off, I shrug it off and go and do something, or sit down and get my writing done.

I always have stuff I could do like cooking, sewing, writing, reading, studying, exercising, or cleaning. There is always something that needs doing, even if it’s that cupboard that I keep meaning to sort out or those pies I’ve been meaning to make or that book I was going to study and take notes. Or I need to get my yoga mat out and do some exercises.

Once you stop making up excuses it’s surprising how much more you can actually get done and how great it feels.

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Stop making excuses. Just write.

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