Everyone In Lockdown Needs This Book

By Ruth Barringham

Last year, in 2020, I published a book I’d been writing called, Mission Critical For Life: Start Living Your Life on Your Terms by Pursuing Your True Life Mission.

The book was published in hardback and ebook in January and little did I know at the time was that it was the perfect book for people to read during a COVID lockdown, which at that time hadn’t happened - yet.

In fact, it would have been far better if everyone had read it and acted on it long before that, but such is timing in the world of publishing.

The truth is that if everyone had listened to me (bought my book), lockdowns would have been easier to bare both psychologically as well as financially.

You see this book is all about 10 steps to:

Having more money. It’s no good earning money if all you do is spend it. No one gets into debt over buying what they need. Debt comes from spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need. It’s time to stop.

Satisfaction from having your own mission. A mission is whatever you want to devote your time too. It’s something that you can go home and work on anytime you want to. Something that improves your life. For me, my mission is my writing.

Not being lonely. I find that I have a mission and I’m never lonely. When I’m at home and I’m writing, that’s all I’m doing. I’m not thinking about anything or anyone else. I’m focused. Content. Doing what I love to do. Earning money working from home.

Financial Security. Money isn’t meant to be spent as soon as you earn it. It’s meant to be there when you need it. During the COVID lockdowns, many people suffered financially, but my book talks about how to have enough money to survive for up to 2 years without income, which, without me realising it at the time, was something millions of people could have benefitted from.

Being able to close the door on the world. No matter what is going on in the world, and no matter how bad things get, with a mission and enough money you can close the door on the world and focus on your mission, while forgetting what’s going on out there.

Having a great book to read. Mission Critical For Life is a life-changing book that you can read again and again for more inspiration and motivation.

It’s all about 10 simple steps to change your life and improve it in every area, including financially, psychologically and physically.

Living life on your own terms means you get to ‘spend’ your time doing what you want to do and what matters to you instead of ‘filling’ time with things that not only don’t matter, but make your life worse.

And don’t let anyone tell you that wanting to spend time doing what you want is selfish. It’s not. When you’re happy and content, it has a positive knock-on effect with other things in your life, including your relationships.

And the reason I’m talking about this book (apart from how amazing it is) is because it’s now available in paperback. It used to be only available as a hardback book or an ebook, but now it’s also available as a paperback, but only from Amazon.

Click the link below to find out more and to use Amazon’s “look inside” feature to start reading it now.

You’re just 10 simple steps away from improving your life and letting go of what doesn’t matter and getting more of what does matter.

And if there is ever another pandemic (I’m praying there never is), you’ll be ready for it.



Mission Critical For Life

Mission Critical For Life


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