Set Up Money-Making Blogs For Extra Income

By Ruth Barringham

I get asked all the time about how writers can earn more money because, let's face it, you're not going to get rich quick writing books.

But if you can set up a couple of niche blogs they can provide you with passive income while you get on with writig your books, and/or your freelance writing work.

What you need to do is have ideas for 2 or 3 blogs that are good for affiliate product and PPC advertising.

By this I mean blogs on popular subjects and also there needs to be plenty of products and companies that you can affilaite to and earn commission. It's also good if your blogs are on related topics so that you can link them together.

For instance, if you chose parenting as your subject, you could have a blog about babies, one on education, and another on family holidays.

All these subjects are hot topics and you could promote so many things like books, toys, clothes, educational courses, holidays, and so much more.

Just start with one blog. It can be a free blog or a paid blog.

Begin by writing one article a week and uploading it.

Afer you have a few pages, add a sign up box for subscribers and set it up so that every time you post an article, it gets automatically emailed to your subscribers. Then use social media to advertise your blog and get subscribers.

Find a few affilaite networks and start promoting products.

Finally, sign up for PPC advertising and place the ads throughout your blog.

Keep writing articles (even if it's only one a week), prefereably informative articles that persuade and entice readers to buy products from your site.

Then repeat the process with your next blog and the next.

You can split your time between writing for your blogs and writing books/freelance writing, or use all your time to make your blogs your biggest source of writing income.

You could also write and sell books on your blog topics based on the articles you've already written as well.

This is just an example of what you can do and I hope it's given you ideas of how you can set up a passive income stream through your own blogs.

If you want more information, I walk you step-by-step through the whole process and provide you with so many more ideas in my new ebook, 'Build a Lucrative Niche Website In A Month.'

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Build a Lucrative Niche Website In A Month


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