Lack of Writing And What I’m Doing About It

By Ruth Barringham

I am the first to admit that for the past year I’ve ben really slack about writing and for months last year (2020) I didn’t even do any, which is strange because when the COVID lockdown started, I thought (in fact I was certain) that it was a great opportunity to do more writing than I’d ever done before.

Yet the opposite happened and I ended up doing almost no writing at all.

It all started when I went on a road trip for 2 weeks last March and arrived home just as “restrictions” began. Just prior to this we’d put our house up for sale, but of course all that was put on hold for quite a while.

But after a few months everything went back to some kind of “normal” and we began sorting out our house (which required a lot of on-going upkeep) which was hard work.

Then the housing market began to boom and we sold our house on the mountain and bought a small apartment at the coast.

The idea is that we will have much less to do - no gardening, no lawn mowing, no building repairs, no driveways to pressure wash, fewer windows to clean (our house had 15 windows and 5 glass patio doors), no huge veranda to mop or railings to clean, no PVC patio blinds to clean, less furniture to look after, and far less to do every day. So this will give me more leisure time and more time to write.

We finally moved out of our house in mid February but unfortunately for us, the apartment we bought was rented, so we had to give the tenant a month’s notice to quit, but the timing meant that we had to have our furniture stored and move into holiday accommodation for 2 weeks.

But now we are in our new place and have been here for a fortnight, although the first 5 days was taken up with having our stuff delivered, unpacking and sorting out everything we own, and then we had to re-stock our fridge and freezer and get back into some kind of daily routine. But now it’s all over and today is the first day that I’ve actually got back to writing, apart from just one day in the holiday apartment when I did sit and write for a few hours.

And the good news (for me) is that even throughout my self-inflicted writing hiatus, I’ve still earned a passive income from my book sales and other writing.

And the thing that amazed me the most was that once I started looking through all my notes, ideas and unfinished projects, I immediately felt inspired and motivated to start writing again which is what I’m doing right now.

It felt good to finally unpack my computers and my notebooks when we arrived at our new abode, and I’m now back in my writing chair even if it still feels a bit weird to be sitting in a different room than I’m used to AND I have to share the study with my husband now which I’ve never done before no matter where we lived. But this is something else we both have to get used to, although I may also take my work to the park or to the library some days, or maybe sit and write by the pool because the complex where we live has a communal pool area complete with sun loungers, picnic tables and chairs, BBQs and a sink, so it may be a good place to write when most people are at their day jobs and when it’s not too hot (it’s only just officially Autumn now and it’s still really sunny and hot).

But getting used to these changes isn’t that hard, it’s simply first world problems, right?

So as I get back into the swing of being a writer, I’ll let you know how I progress and how you can do it too so that you can become the wealthy writer you’ve always dreamed of being.

And for inspiration to keep busy and productive, I’m also re-reading my favourite productivity book, How To Have a 48-Hour Day, and I recommend you read it too. It really is an inspiring book.

Click the link below to take a look.



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