The Simple Little Tip To Getting Great Story Ideas And Writing Best Sellers

By Ruth Barringham

When we sit down to write a book, what we would love to write more than anything is a best seller - a book that sells in high numbers and has readers coming back and wanting to read our next book, and the next, and the next…

But in order to do that, we need to know what book our readers are looking for so that as soon as they start searching, BAM! They find ours. And they love it.

The question though, is how do you write a great book that people want to read?

Well, I can give you a little tip that doesn’t take much effort and is easy to do.

You see, publishing companies always know the right kind of books to look for because they know what their readers like and they know what sells.

And the best thing is that many of these companies put their writer’s guidelines on their website and they’re usually quite detailed and will even include the word count for each genre, and sometimes there can be several different sub-genres.

Take the romance publishers, Harlequin, for instance. On their site they list each and every genre and sub-genre of all their book categories, plus they explain what each of those sub-genres mean and what makes them different to other similar genres.

Publishers will also tell you exactly how and what to submit so that you know whether they want the full manuscript, a synopsis, the first few chapters, etc.

Once you choose a publisher you can even go further and read one of their books to see exactly what they’re looking for or use the “search inside” function on Amazon to read a few pages to get a better idea.

Once you find a publisher that you think you’d like to write for, go ahead and write a suitable book to their specifications.

When you’ve finished you then have choices of what to do with your manuscript.

You can submit it to the publisher.
You can self-publish it.
You can submit it to the publisher, and if it’s rejected, publish it yourself.

Either way, your book will be published, and because you followed the professional guidelines, it’s written (or should be written) to a high standard and you know that it’s what readers are looking for.

And if you write a whole series of books, once readers find you and like your first book, they’ll be eager to read more.

Working this way will also help you prioritise your writing so that it becomes your life mission instead of your spare-time hobby.

And that will change your whole life.

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