How I Earned Money From My Niche Website

By Ruth Barringham

I’m always looking for more ways to earn money from my writing.

Being a writer is different to having a job because I never know how much money I’ll make every week. It’s different when you work for someone else because you know you’ll always get paid for the hours you work.

Early on in my writing career I found that niche websites were a good way to earn passive income.

I remember seeing advertisements online about how it was possible to earn huge amounts of money from niche websites, and it got me wondering if it was true.

It took me a while to figure out how to do it because the internet wasn’t as easy to search back then. But eventually I built my first site and set up several streams of income from it. The site was all about being a writer and even though it was an extremely basic design and didn’t have many pages, it still earned me a surprising amount of income.

From there I went on and bought a few niche website packages that came complete with everything ready to set a site up, except the content, which I had to write myself. But it did have topics to write about and all the keywords I needed, and plenty of other research already done.

I also set up some other niche sites from scratch.

If you want to earn more money from your writing, without having to do freelance work, or wait for book royalties, then I would recommend writing for your own niche website.

In its simplicity, you set it up, write content, monetise it, and keep on writing more content.

Start by choosing a subject you love to write about. It can be just about anything at all. I’ve even seen some niche sites (blogs) where the owners take photos of their meals and write about it. Do they make a lot of money from this? I have no idea, but their sites are covered in lots of advertising, so I guess they’re earning something.

Once you have a site online and it’s earning money, you keep building on what you’ve already accomplished with one site or set up several small sites.

As you keep writing, and adding more content to your site/s, you’ll find out what you enjoy doing, and what you don’t enjoy, what works on your site to bring in more visitors and more income, and what’s not working, so you can adjust things as you go along.

Having a niche website (or several like I had) can be addictive as you keep progressing and seeing it all going and growing, I found it a really fascinating way to earn money online, and being so free to write my own content on subjects I love to write about was so motivating which made it easy to keep going.

If you’ve never set up and run your own niche website, you should give it a go.

And if you have a site (or blog) already and it’s not earning you enough money, then now would be a great time to get serious and turn it into a high-earning, lucrative niche website.


Build A Lucrative Niche Website In A Month

Build A Lucrative Niche Website In A Month


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