The Corona Virus Panic As a Writing and Earning Opportunity

By Ruth Barringham

At the moment, we’re a few weeks into the Corona Virus Panic and the fake news that surrounds it. It’s gotten so many people frantic in the big cities while in the smaller towns it currently seems to be less stressful, except the government has closed down public places like pubs, restaurants, public swimming pools, and (the worst in my opinion) the public libraries. I love being at the library and was devastated when they closed them this week.

So while it’s all been going on I’ve been doing plenty of writing while ignoring the rest of the world while it goes to hell. I figure it will all be over one day, but just when, we’ll never know. In the meantime I’m going to ignore most of it because I’m so sick of everyone suddenly being an ‘expert’ about the subject. So I’m staying at home and writing like I usually do.

I also decided to use the time to increase my education in writing, marketing and earning money from it all.

One of the things I listened to was a talk about what writers and entrepreneurs are doing while this whole so-called ‘pandemic’ is going on, and it was really interesting and made a lot of sense.

And below are my notes that I took while I listened and I hope they help you and give you some ideas of how you can take advantage of these strange times of crisis:

This panic situation about the virus will probably get worse before it gets better but it won’t last as long as everyone thinks. There’s just too much doom and gloom.

It’s a good time to position yourself.

Outwork all your competition. Work hard and work smart. Work more than you ever have before.

This situation will pass and when it does people will have surplus money so set everything up ready for when this virus situation is over. It could be 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years. Use the time to outwork everyone. Invest in your education too. Use your time to learn as much as you can to help you be even more productive.

During previous recessions, strikes and other situations, those who kept working and kept moving forward always did far better during and after the bad times.

Be prepared for when people have money and start buying again.

Start thinking of how to get what you want instead of watching the news.

So many give up or do less during hard times which makes it more profitable for those who are still working hard.

Sell to buyers. Sell to people who have the money to buy what you’re selling. Don’t waste time trying to sell to tyre-kickers and freebie seekers.

Good morale is important now because everyone is trying to bring it down.

How to get started? Just start. Stop putting it off. Always be ready for some kind of recession. Big cities are the worst places to live when things go to hell.

Don’t have debt. Not even a mortgage. Pay off everything you can as quickly as you can and DON’T take on any more debt.

How to increase/not lose sales? Never play to not lose. Play to win. Don’t react to things you can’t control. Be proactive not reactive.

How to take advantage that most people are at home on their phones and laptops? Apps. People love apps. So many people spend more time on their phones than on their laptops.

Ways to make money online? Buy and sell. Find something that people want and that you can buy/create for a small amount and sell for a high amount. This is one of the easiest/fastest ways to make money.

How to discover the biggest desires on your market? Eavesdrop on them and then tell stories about it.

How to work when you don’t have the time? Put your pants on and take control of your time. Get away from what’s holding you back, even if it means renting an office to get away from your environment for even an hour a day.

How to earn more during the crisis? Talk to your market as though you’re trying to help them. It’s not about you. It’s about them. Sound as though you care about them and demonstrate how you can help them.

What email freebies to offer? Information products. People always need information.

How to sell more? Build your list with everything you do. Do everything you can to get people to sign up. Give them every reason you can think of to get them to sign up.

How to clear spam filters with email? Only send text messages. Spam filters look at links. Don’t have any.

Vance Morris used to be a Disney World customer service guy. Now he helps others online. He has great ideas to get and keep customers.

Successful people usually crush it through recessions because they look for ways to take advantage of it. And they work hard and work fast.


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