Stop Dreaming Of Becoming a Wealthy Writer.
Wake Up And Make It Your Reality

Jasper, The Future of Writing

Lunar Year of the Rat 2020

Why the Best Advice on Success Is Wrong

I’m an avid reader on the subject of self-help and success and I do glean a lot of useful information from it all.

Why I Prefer Handwriting Than Writing Straight To Keyboard

There’s always been a debate amongst writers as to whether it’s better to write by hand or type everything.

Writing From Theme and What It Really Means

A couple of years ago I attended a writing workshop all about writing from theme.

Only Two Letters Yet This Word is Empowering And Improves Productivity

A few days ago a neighbour asked me for a favour. It wasn’t a huge favour but it was an imposition on my time.

Recent Writing Machinations And Closing My Publishing Business

I’ve been working off-line a lot recently because I’ve been plotting and planning what to do about my online writing.

What Authors Can Learn From the Incredible Story Behind the Movie THE ELEPHANT MAN

Movies, like books, sometimes have humble beginnings. Remember the movie The Elephant Man?

How to Ensure You Reach/Achieve Your Writing Goals

If you’re anything like me you have multiple goals for your life.

Want to Know What I’ve Been Doing During ‘Lockdown?’ - Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t Writing

I’ve been reading online lately about many writers who’ve used this never-ending ‘lockdown’ period to hit-the-ground-running with their writing.

Wanting to Be A Writer is One Thing, But How Do You Know What to Write?

I always knew I wanted to be a writer because even as a child, I used to write stories.

Don't Get it Right, Get it Written

I know that after reading the above heading, "Don't Get it Right, Get it Written", you're probably thinking "Huh?"

How Focusing on Everything Made Me a Better Writer

Being a writer requires focus. It takes complete focus and the ability to be able to shut other things out, including your thoughts.

The Corona Virus Panic As a Writing and Earning Opportunity

At the moment, we’re a few weeks into the Corona Virus Panic and the fake news that surrounds it.