How One Freelance Writer Earns $3,500 a Month Writing Just Two Days a Week

By Ruth Barringham

I was recently reading a freelance writer’s account of how she earn money writing for several different clients.

And it turns out that writing just two days a week, she can earn over $3,000 a month.

This writer writes SEO articles of around 400 to 500 words and she charges $35 per article.

She said she has one client who regularly wants her to write five daily articles a week for his website.

So she writes them all at once and submits them weekly.

Doing the math, it means she earns $175 a week for these five short articles which is $700 a month (assuming there are 4 weeks in the month).

She also writes short articles like these for several other clients.

So I worked it out the if she has five clients altogether and writes 5 daily article for each of them, it means she’s earning $3,500 a month.

Not bad, is it?

And I further figured that if she can write articles quickly (which she probably can because she does it all the time) then it probably takes her less than two days to write them all.

You see, I know that it’s possible to write an article in 15 minutes or less because this is what I talk about in bye book at

So if I’m generous and say that she can write and submit each of her articles in half an hour, then it’s still possible for her to do all 25 weekly articles in just 12.5 hours.

And working 2 days, it’s only just over 6 hours a day.

This gives her plenty of time to write for other clients or to work on her books.

But to do it she must have a great writing system so that she never has to sit and stare at a blank page.

Instead (like most successful writers) she just works her system and gets her articles written fast.

This is what I teach in my ebook, “How to Write an article in 15 Minutes or Less.”

It’s for anyone who wants to earn money writing articles.

And it comes with the bonus report, “10 Ways to Write One Article.”

That’s two weeks worth of articles from one idea, if, like this freelance writer, you’re writing 5 articles a week.
And that’s not bad going, is it?


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