Why I'm Still Writing

By Ruth Barringham

Last month I announced that I was going to stop writing online articles so that I could concentrate on writing more books because I just wasn't enjoying writing articles anymore.

And while I have been writing more book manuscripts, I also stumbled across a website online called Article Marketing Soldiers which has hundreds of links to it but the website itself was no longer online and hadn't been for several years.

So I took a chance and bought the domain name (for a tiny $14.95) because I figured it should be good for a bit of extra income seeing as it was already linked to hundreds of different places online, and if I found it, others must be finding it too.

I set up a blog at my new domain name and wrote and uploaded five articles, and even though I did it fast and without much of a plan, the site became profitable in less than a week.

And the best thing about it is that I found out that I love writing about article marketing.

Over the past few years, I've studied a lot about marketing and learned plenty, especially from my Titans of Direct Response course. And I really enjoyed taking notes and assembling what I was learning.

And that's an important thing about writing articles is that you have to love writing articles about the subject you're interested in. Just being interested isn't enough. You also have to love writing about it.

So my new plan is to continue writing about article marketing for Article Marketing Soldiers so that I can teach others how to make money online.

Sign up at Article Marketing Soldiers if you want to learn more too.



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