Never Look An Off-Line Gift Horse In The Mouth

By Ruth Barringham

I never would have thought that having a rat infestation at my house would help me get so many writing ideas.

But, strangely enough, it did.

My house is raised off the ground on high stumps which is often the way they’re built here on the mountain.

All our wires (electric, phone, TV antenna, etc) run along the beams under the floors below our house.

But there are also many rats down there, which normally isn’t a problem. They don’t bother me so I don’t bother them.

But recently they did bother me when they chewed through one of the electric wires and the TV antenna wire. So for one evening and the next morning, I had no TV, no internet and no electricity.

So while I waited for these to be repaired, I spent the time off-line with a pad, a pen and my ideas book.

This book is a shorthand notebook where I write down every writing idea that I have. I currently have 4 of these books full of years of ideas.

And what a useful break from my usual work it was.

I spent hour after hour looking through all my old ideas and writing down lots of new ones.

It was amazing and enjoyable to have my head buzzing with so many brilliant ideas.

And I never would have taken the time to do it if the rats hadn’t forced me off-line and unable to even charge my computer.

The whole thing turned out to be an unexpected gift instead of the huge inconvenience I thought it would be.

I thought it was already excellent to have so many writing ideas (I never run out of ideas).

And now I have even more.

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