Go Deeper Not Wider

By Ruth Barringham

I recently read an article about going deeper with what you already have instead of going wider and looking for new things. https://www.raptitude.com/2017/12/go-deeper-not-wider/.

In the article, the advice was talking about making the most of what you already own instead of looking for that little ‘high’ of buying something new.

And I felt that this could also apply just as well to earning money from your writing.

For instance, you could work more on what you have instead of looking for the next SBO. So instead of looking for more ways to make money, simply blog more, write more articles and/or more emails to your subscribers.

Stick to your niche and go deeper into it so that you can produce more usable information, and not just surface fluff like many others do.

Likewise, this could also help you to write more books in your niche/genre, because the deeper you go, the more you’ll find to write about.

And use whatever marketing venues you already have but use them more instead of looking for new ways to market. So if you use social media to market your work once a week, write 1 - 3 posts per day and see if it makes a difference. And be consistent. Make sure you do it daily.

Don’t buy more books about writing and earning money. Instead, read any unread ones you already have, and the books that you’ve read before, read them again. I often like to go through books I’ve already read and read them again and take notes. It’s surprising how much more I understand when I write out what I’ve read in my own way. It gives me a really good understanding of what’s being explained.

If you have inspirational audios, listen to them more often because the more you hear them, the more you’ll notice things that you didn’t hear before, or perhaps you’ll understand them better.

I’m an avid listener to audios about writing and marketing and I listen to them over and over again when I’m busy doing other things. And I’m constantly amazed at how I can notice something that’s said that I’ve never heard before, or I’ll hear something that I’ve heard before but this time I’ll understand it better and have an “Aha!” moment.

Use your time better by writing more and not wasting time with Trivia (like Facebook which, in my humble yet extremely accurate opinion, is the biggest waste of time on the planet and is mostly used by losers with nothing else to do) and avoiding unimportant things and unimportant people.

Once you start doing more with what you already have and staying away from the trivial and unimportant things, you’ll get more writing done, market your work more and that can only lead to helping you earn more money.

It’s what I’ve been doing both my private and professional life for the past few weeks. And so far it’s helped me to have more time, plus I’ve saved several hundred dollars by not buying what I don’t need, and I’ve been writing more and my income has increased.

I’ve also enjoyed reading my books more often (because now I have the time to do it) plus I’ve been rewatching my marketing DVDs and I’ve learned a lot more than I did before.

On a personal level, I’ve even been revamping my garden by splitting plants that I already have and replanting them in different places and improving the soil and making comfrey tea out of plants I already have instead of buying fertiliser. I’ve also been ‘shopping’ from my pantry and freezer every week and making meals from what I already have and so my grocery bill has gone down a lot and we’ve had some great meals.

And the whole experience of going deeper not wider is really enjoyable.

So I plan to do more of what I’m doing so that I’ll get more of what I’m getting.

How about you?

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