Money Loves Speed

By Ruth Barringham

Have you ever heard of the saying, Money Loves Speed?

I first heard it a few years ago from Dr Joe Vitale. And I thought I should listen to him because he is an amazingly productive and wealthy man.

And I also think that it’s not just money that loves speed, but success loves speed. And that means success in all areas of life, not just business.

But for a long time I didn’t really understand this saying.

Joe talks about it as ideas being gifts, so if you have an idea don’t waste it. Use it immediately.

This is how he writes all his books. He gets an idea, fleshes it out and writes the book. No sitting on the idea for a while or planning “some day” to do it. Nope. He gets to work on it immediately.

But after reading more about the meaning of this saying and how others apply it, it seems that successful people do more than act immediately on big ideas.

They act on everything the minute they think of it no matter how small. They will quickly make a call, send an email or write a reminder if it can’t be done straight away. They even do these things while they’re talking to someone else. If it comes up in conversation, or the thought suddenly occurs to them, they stop what they’re doing and do it.

And it makes sense to things immediately because it’s said that one of the biggest time wasters is indecision, meaning it’s better to make a wrong decision than no decision.

So immediate action to a thought means:

- fast decisions
- things get done
- no time wasted
- less to think about and remember later

This seems like an easier and more productive way to live.

I’ve started doing the same and writing emails fast, making calls instead of thinking that I’ll do it later, and writing things on lists if they can’t be done immediately but need to be done by the end of the day.

And so far it’s working brilliantly.

One thing it’s taught me is that there is no such time as “later.”

When we say we’ll do something later, it means never.

If you want to make sure you do something, make sure you’ve set a time to do it otherwise it will never get done.

So if someone says, we’ll get together later, it means not at all.

Or if you want someone to do something and they say “I’ll do it later,” chances are, it won’t get done.

And it’s the same if you use the word “later” yourself. You really mean you’re putting it off indefinitely.

It’s far better and easier to allot a time to do something or do it immediately.

Just try it for yourself.

Use speed in everything you do, even the smallest of things like putting your socks straight into the hamper or sending that quick email you know you need to.

Be more organised so that no time is wasted looking for things you’ve put in a “safe” place.

And never waste an idea.

If you get a creative spark for a book idea, write it down immediately. Then flesh it into an outline. And quickly write the book while the ideas are fresh and flowing.

I can guarantee you that if you do, you’ll never regret it.

And you’ll never waste another brilliant idea.


“Eliminate the time between the idea and the act, and your dreams will become realities.” ~ Dr Edward L Kramer.

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