3 Free And Simple Ways to Market Your Blog

By Ruth Barringham

Creating a blog and filling it with great content takes time. But what's the point if you don't get any visitors?

If you want to make money from your blog then getting visitors to it is more important than creating it in the first place.

And I'm about to show you 3 amazingly simple yet effective ways to market your blog for free.

Many people turn to the internet as a way to make money working from home. And this is why blogging has become so popular.

The online world is information-driven because people come to find answers to their most pressing questions.

And if you have a blog full of relative information that gives them the answers they're looking for, then you have the potential to not only help a lot of people, but to earn money online.

Sadly though, for most bloggers, they just can't get enough visitors, and without enough eyes on their pages, they can't make enough money.

What they fail to understand is that marketing a blog is more important then creating it in the first place, because it's no good making something that no one will see.

So if you're having trouble increasing the number of visitors to your blog, here are three ways that re not only simple to do, but they won't cost you a penny.

Of course, there are many ways to market your blog, but these three ways will get you massive impact fast.

1. Traffic Exchange Sites. There are many of these types of sites all over the internet but the best one I've found is TrafficSwarm.com Just place a small text ad for your blog and then spend time surfing the site and clicking links to other sites. The more sites you view the more credits you earn which are exchanged for visitors to your website/blog.

2. Instagram/Pinterest. These are social media sites where you post/pin appealing images from your blog along with a link to the page the image is on. This works well for food blogs or other types that rely heavily on images like blogs about travel, crafts, weddings or animals.

3. Facebook/Twitter/Google+. These are also social media sites where you can not only place links to your latest blog posts, but you can also automate it so that every time you publish a post, a link to it is automatically uploaded to your social media pages. So if you blog daily it creates a lot of traffic back to your site.

These are just three of the numerous ways to market your blog on an ongoing basis.

To be highly effective, marketing needs to e done consistently.

As the great marketer, Mike Littman used to always say, "You're either consistent, or you're non-existent."

So make sure you exist online by marketing your blog consistently.


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