How to Start Working From Home When You Don’t Know Where To Start

By Ruth Barringham

Working from home is a great way to earn a living but it can be baffling if you don’t know where or how to begin.

The easiest way to work from home is to create what I call a Laptop Lifestyle, and this is what I teach in my best selling ebook Living the Laptop Lifestyle.

A Laptop Lifestyle means that you work online with nothing more than your laptop computer and (sometimes) an internet connection. I say sometimes, because you can do most of your work offline and then go online to upload your content or to do research.

You can make money online by setting up your own website or blog, or, if you want to start making money straight away, you can do it by working online for other people.

This is freelancing 101.

To get started quickly, you just go to any freelancing website and look at the jobs on offer.

These are websites where you can bid on jobs and say how much you’d charge to do the whole job or how much you charge per hour, and you can also set up your own freelancing profile and state your fees and the jobs you can do.

On these websites there are so many different jobs like writing, blogging, software creation, data entry, proof reading, editing, voice recording, transcription services, consulting, translation services, research assistants, customer service, email marketing, telemarketing, and much more.

You only have to go to any of these websites and browse some of the jobs on offer to see just how many there are.

Some of the websites you can start with are,,,

And there are more, but the ones above are the biggest and most popular.

I’ve worked as a freelancer when I first started out, and now I use their services to outsource some of the jobs I don’t want to do myself, or jobs that I can’t do.

So if you want to start your own freelance career, working from home, sign up to a few websites and start bidding and set up a profile so that anyone looking for the online services you offer can find you.

And set up a blog or website where you can also offer your freelance services and let people on social media know that you’re available.

Living The Laptop Lifestyle

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