So Many Writing Changes

By Ruth Barringham

If you’ve been to my RuthIsWriting.com website recently, you may have noticed that I’ve made a few changes. Not huge changes, but still many changes.

For instance, I’ve changed my subheading to better reflect what my website is about.

You see, I usually talk a lot about freelance writing for magazines and private clients, because that was a big way I earned money from my writing.

But I no longer do that, and I actually haven’t done it for quite a while now.

I now earn all my income from online writing and self-publishing. So I thought it’s better to change my website to better reflect that.

Online writing and self-publishing means writing books, ebooks, blogging, online articles and online marketing.

In a nutshell, working from home as a writer with no clients or magazine editors to answer to.

I’ve also made changes to the newsletter to also reflect these changes.

So I’ve removed the list of writing markets (which it seems weren’t all that popular anyway) and instead included a list of incredibly useful writing resources, writing news, my latest writing article AND a list of articles about writing that are free to republish.

The free articles are those that I regularly upload to EzineArticles where you’ll find links to help you quickly republish any of my articles to your website.

I reckon that all the changes I’ve made will provide not only really useful information to help you write more and earn more, but also it’s all more usable too.

I also have many more ebooks and courses for writers coming up and other plans that I’m still working on and I’ll talk more about them all soon.

RuthIsWriting.com is not a site about how to write, but how to make money working from home as an online writer and self-publisher.

Which, if you follow all my advice, will help you live your own Laptop Lifestyle.

Work From Home Living the Laptop Lifestyle

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