How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

By Ruth Barringham

“How you do anything is how you do everything.” ~ T Harv Eker

This has to be one of the most profound quotes I’ve ever read.

I came across it a few years ago and it made me make a lot of changes in my life.

I was somewhat floored when I read it because it gave me a whole new understanding of productivity and motivation.

You see I used to think that it was possible to be lazy about some things and hard working when it came to others.

I even swear I knew people who were like that.

I thought they were lazy at work but hard working and always busy at home - because they told me they were.

But once I read this amazing quote by T Harv Eker, so many things fell into place, like those that told me they were always busy at home were always wearing crumpled, un-ironed clothes.

And why my hard-working colleagues always had a healthy packed lunch with them.

It was because one was ALWAYS lazy and the other was ALWAYS diligent and hard working.

And it was the same for myself.

The lazier I got with household chores and weeding the garden, the less writing I did.

And I’d been doing it a lot over the last few years. Just slacking off with some things I had to do, and lying to myself that it was because I was going to spend more time doing other, more important things.

But that wasn’t true.

I was just getting lazier with everything.

So I changed things around and instead of only trying to be hard working with my writing, I applied myself to everything I did, no matter how small the task. Even washing the dishes got my complete attention she I was doing it.

And do you know what?

Not only was I getting much more done, but I also had a real feeling of satisfaction from doing everything really well.

This also had the knock-on effect of giving me more motivation which in turn, increased my productivity in everything.

I cooked more, cleaned the car, kept up with all my chores, shopped more cheaply because I was giving more thought to what I was buying, and the dog got plenty of long, varied walks because I put more effort into thinking of where to walk him (the lucky hound).

So this is my advice (speaking from my experience).

If you want to write more and earn more, be diligent and hardworking about everything you do, not just your writing.

And do whatever it takes to keep motivated.

Listen to motivational audios, read books on productivity, and learn more about earning money from your writing. Websites like Udemy have plenty of courses that can help you.

Just get going and keep going.

Make it your priority to start right now.

You won’t regret it.

I didn’t.

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