A Really Great Writing System

By Ruth Barringham

Earning money from writing takes time. There are no shortcuts or quick fixes.

If you want to make money as a writer then you have to actually sit down and write. Every day.

But it doesn’t have to be hard.

You just need to have the right systems in place to help you.

It’s just like when you go to work. There are systems and procedures in place for everything that has to be done.

For instance, there’s a filing system, an ordering system and a database system. There are procedures in place for everything that happens and projects that need to be completed follow these procedures and are sent to the next department or person for them to complete their own tasks that they need to complete on each project.

This makes it easy to work because whatever comes across your desk, you know what to do with it. You know what the next step is in dealing with it.

And the way you get proficient with these systems and procedures is through practice.

When you first begin a job with a new company, you feel lost because you don’t know how they do things. But once you know, it becomes almost second nature to do it.

But it takes time and practice to get good at it.

Just like when you learn to drive. At first driving seems clunky and difficult because there are so many things to do. But with practice it gets easier because you get better at it and you know exactly what to do at all times.

And it’s the same with everything you do. The more you practice, the better you get and the easier it becomes.

The same is also true for writing.

I discovered that writing daily not only makes it easier and easier to do, but I’ve also put writing systems in place so that it simplifies the way I do any writing project.

For instance, when I want to write a new ebook, I have a system for gathering information and ideas, and for outlining and construction the ebook so that it feels like it almost writes itself.

This is because my system works in such a way that I know exactly where to begin whenever I want to write an ebook. I simply follow my step-by-step system and the book gets written. I just have to keep moving through my process.

And if you can’t imagine how easy this makes it, try this simple exercise:

Next time you create a list of chapters for your ebook, begin each chapter by coming up with 3 to 6 reasons why your reader needs to know what you’re about to tell them.

Once you have your 3 to 6 reasons write them out and explain them in just one paragraph each.

That will give you the first few paragraphs of your chapter already written.

See how easy that was?

Then all you have to do is carry on asking more questions (I have a whole series of them that I use for every chapter) and as you answer them, your chapters get written.

When you work this way, your ebooks will get written without too much thinking.

You see, books need to be written at a more unconscious level where your creativity lives.

Having a great writing system in place will help you do just hat because it creates almost effortless writing.

And it all starts with a daily writing habit so that you can practice your writing systems and spend less time thinking and more time writing.

Just try it and see for yourself how easy it can be.

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