Four Things That Will Make Readers Want to Buy Your Ebook Instantly

By Ruth Barringham

If you want to write a “How To” ebook then the first thing you need to know isn’t what to write, but who will want to read it.

Because, let’s face it, you don’t want to waste your time writing an ebook only to have dismal sales, or worse, no sales at all.

So before you write one word of your ebook there are four things you need.

And we’ll look at each of them in turn -

Find Your Market

Now while finding your market may not sound like earth-shattering advice, it’s more important than any other step in writing an ebook.

It was the late, great copywriter, Robert Collier, who put it best when he said, “Enter the conversation already going on in your customer’s head.”

In other words, find out what they’re thinking about and what their biggest problem is, and offer your ebook as the solution.

Another way of looking at it is, start with the need of your customer and lead them to your ebook. Don’t write an ebook first and then try and find customers who might want it.

And thanks to the internet, online forums, social media and blog comments, it’s easy to find out what’s on people’s minds.

Write a Persuasive Sales Letter

Your sales page is the place where you persuade your customers to buy your ebook.

There are three types of people who will see your sales page:

- those who have no interest in your ebook
- those who may want to buy your ebook
- those who are desperate to buy your ebook

The people you are writing your sales page for are the middle group. As far as the other types go, one will never buy your ebook no matter what, and the other will buy it anyway. The middle group are the ones sitting on the proverbial fence and need a reason to cross over.

They’re interested because they have the problem that your ebook addresses, but they need to be convinced that it is the solution they’re looking for.

So how to do you persuade them?

You need to know what’s running through their mind and understand the world they live in.

That way you can not only tell them how great your ebook is for them, but you can also address any doubts they may be having about purchasing.

Let them know how great their life will be once they have your ebook as well as how their problem will persist - or get worse - without it.

Write Your Ebook

Sometimes finding your market and outlining your sale page can be a great way to brainstorm the contents of your ebook.

You can write in your sales page all the things your ebook contains and how it will help the customer. And then you’ll know exactly what your ebook needs to make it great.

Or it may suit you better to outline your ebook before you write your sales page. Either way one can be a brainstorm for the other.

The main thing is that you are sure about the needs of your target market first and then keep writing and the ideas will keep flowing.

Lead Your Customers To Your Ebook

Once your sales page is online and your ebook is published, it’s time to lead your customers to it.

You already know where your customers are online so you just need to go back there and make contact.

This needs to be done subtly and not as a direct sales pitch.

I often use article marketing to pitch my ebooks. People often ask me “Does that sill work?” and I say yes, because it still works for me.

I publish articles on EzineArticles.com and when I submit them, one of the options is to post a link to it on social media as soon as it gets approved and published, so I choose yes to that. And if my article title is intriguing enough it works really well because, not only do people quickly find my ebook, but other bloggers re-publish my articles along with the link to my new ebook, and that helps me to make even more sales.

So that’s the whole process of writing an ebook that sells.

- Find your market
- Outline/write a really persuasive sales page that hits all their “hot buttons”
- Write your ebook
- Lead your customers to your sales page.

Then repeat the process over and over until you become a wealthy writer.

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