Are You A Writer?

Assessment Test

By Ruth Barringham

This is something I wrote about on my old website for writers and it was so popular that I thought I’d do it again here.

I think the reason it is so popular is because so many people think that they are a writer but there are usually 3 things stopping them from being successful.

Either -

They never (or hardly ever) actually sit down and write.


They do write but find it difficult or hate doing it.


They write but what they produce isn’t good and so they can’t sell it.

It is possible that if any of these 3 apply to you, your lack of writing success isn’t because you’re not really a writer, but because you’re trying to do the wrong kind of writing.

Perhaps you’re really a novelist but instead of writing fiction you’re trying to make fast money by writing freelance for clients.

Or perhaps you’re a blogger who would rather be writing erotic thrillers.

But if your writing niche isn’t the reason that you’re not a successful writer, then read the following 10 questions and see how many you can truthfully answer yes to.

  1. Are you a good writer?
  2. Can you sit alone and write for hours?
  3. Are you good at planning?
  4. Are you good with money?
  5. Can you solve problems alone?
  6. Are you self motivated?
  7. Can you handle pressure?
  8. Can you work unsocial hours?
  9. Can you say no to people? Friends? Under-payers? Time wasters?

And the most important question of all -

  1. Are you a procrastinator?

Answer each question really, REALLY truthfully.

Next count how many you answered yes to and below you’ll see whether you really are a writer or not.


1-2 Forget it.

3-5 Improve and you can make it.

6+ Must be procrastination that’s stopping you.

So now... what are you going to do about it?

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