How Can One Year of Writing Be Too Much?

By Ruth Barringham

I used to have a product that I sold called The 12 Month Writing Challenge, and I used to get emails from people who were doing it, who'd tell me that it’s “too much” or “too hard” or “I didn't realise I’d have to work so hard.”

And I'd think, “Huh?”

I just don’t get it.

How can 12 months of writing be too much to do? After all, if you want to be a professional writer and earn all your income from your writing, you need to write every year, not just for one year.

And the writing in The 12 Month Writing Challenge was designed to be done part-time.

That meant that if you wrote in the mornings you could work on something else in the afternoons, plus you’d still have time for lunch AND you get the evenings and weekends off. :)

In fact, even if you go out to work every day you can still find time to write and earn money.

When I first wanted to be a writer and earn all my income from my writing I was studying for a degree, working 20 hours a week, and I was a single mother. Yet I still managed to do my writing.

I began by doing a writing course to try and make myself a better writer.

Then I sent some of my assignments and stories that I’d written as part of my writing course, to magazine editors and that’s when I began to earn money from my writing.

I then bought, downloaded and printed a huge ebook course called Quick Cash Writing, and worked my way through it, writing and submitting all different types of writing to all different types of publications and publishing companies.

That was such a simple way to get into a regular routine of writing and submitting and making money and I really enjoyed it. I didn't even have to think about what to write every day. I just sat down, opened up to the page in the course I was working on, and got straight to work.

Naturally, working as a writer has changed since then so I changed too and learnt how to write HTML code and set up my first-of-many websites.

And since then I haven’t looked back and have managed to carry on writing and publishing and earning money.

And you you can do it too if you simply make sure you write every day.

And that’s the real “secret” of success to doing anything. Making the time.

Most people say that they will try and 'find' the time to do something. But that is such a passive and useless statement.

You can’t “find” time because it isn’t lost.

You know where your time is every minute of every day. You just need to use it wisely and “make” the time for what you truly want to do.

This means actually scheduling it into your day. Every day. Even if it’s only for a couple of hours.

That way, writing won’t become “too much to do” because you’ll have the time to sit down and focus on it like you need to.

And in a year from now you can be a prolific and profitable writer.

I know, because I did it and you can do it too.

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