How I Create Free Ebook Covers in Minutes

By Ruth Barringham

I’ve been working online for many years now, both as an author or my own ebooks and as an affiliate marketer writing articles and free ebooks to help sell other people’s products for commission.

I currently work in 3 different niches as well as write novels so I’ve written many books and ebooks.

Most of the books I write are ebooks because they’re so fast to write and publish.

They’re easy to create because the formatting is simple and they only need a flat cover image. There’s also no need to deal with printing and shipping companies either.

Writing and publishing ebooks has totally transformed the way I work and enabled me to spend more time writing and less time publishing.

Ebook covers are also easy to create because I don't need a spine and back cover image. Just a flat front cover.

For some of my ebooks I have a 3D book image crated as well as a flat cover. I out-source this to my good friend Buddy from coverscorp.com.

I don’t personally know Buddy but I like him because his ebook covers are so inexpensive, his work is first-class and he’s easy to work with.

When I need an ebook cover I simply send Buddy a short description of what I want and he does the rest. And at less than $30 per cover, his price can’t be beaten.

But sometimes, for my less expensive ebooks (and free ebooks) I create my own flat cover images.

And I do it using Pages for Mac, but it’s just as easy to do it using Word for Windows.

How I Create an Ebook Cover

I begin by opening a blank text document in Pages. I make sure that the document fills as much of the screen as possible, for reasons you’ll see in a minute.

I then go to FreeDigitalPhotos.net or Pixabay.com and find an image for my cover, if I don’t already have one.

Once I have the image I want to use, I insert it into my blank document and position it in the centre.

Then I add a title and my name as the author and arrange these exactly as I want them around the image.

Once I have it set correctly, I take a screenshot.

I then open the screenshot in the free Preview software on my computer, but any image editing software will do. Even the simple Paint software.

I make any final changes I want, which usually includes adding a border all around it, which is essential if your cover has a white background because on a white page it will blend in and look weird.

Then I save it to my computer and I’m done.

Below is an ebook cover I created myself.

How to Write an Article in 15 Minutes or Less

And that’s all there is to it.

It only takes a few minutes to create an ebook cover this way and it can be done for free using software that comes with most computers.

Just open a text document.

Insert an image and any text you want on the cover.

Take a screenshot.

Open the screenshot with free image editing software.

Make any adjustments you want.

Save it as an image (.jpeg, .jpg, .tiff, etc) and you’re done.

And it really is THAT easy.

So don’t let the lack-of-an-ebook-cover excuse stop you from becoming a prolific ebook author.

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