Should You Take Low-Paying Writing Gigs? This Answer Will Surprise You

By Ruth Barringham

Many writers baulk at writing for low pay and most flatly refuse to do it.

But, what if, by refusing low-paying writing gigs, they’re leaving a pot of gold on the table?

Let me explain…

Articles are easy to write and fast to produce. With practice it’s possible to write a short 500-word article in just 15 minutes, including research and proof reading.

Working this fast means that you can write 4 articles every hour.

Now, there are many purists who will say that writing this quickly will produce bad writing, but I say bollocks to that.

You’re either a good writer or a bad writer and that won’t change, no matter how much your writing speed increases over time. And it will. No matter what the task is, if you do it often enough you’ll get faster and more efficient at it.

But, say with the other things you have to do, like uploading and publishing your articles, you average 3 articles an hour instead of 4. That’s still really good and means that you could earn hundreds of dollars a day from writing.

There are many websites online offering low pay for article writers. Some are only $10 an article.

Who would want to write for such a low amount of money?

But look at it another way.

If you can write 3 short articles an hour and get paid $10 for each one, it means you’d be earning $30 an hour. That’s much more than minimum wage! In fact, it’s not a bad hourly rate.

People who only pay $10 an article aren’t looking for long or complicated articles. They usually only want short articles of around 300 to 500 words.

So let’s say you decide to write for $10 an article.

You can do a Google search for content sites that pay this or join sites like upwork.com and bid on article writing jobs that pay $10 or more for an article.

Most people looking for article writers want articles written in batches and once they find a writer they’re happy with, they will stick with them and will usually offer continual work.

But let’s get back to the math of how you can make these low-paying writing gigs pay big money.

We’ve already established that if you can write 3 articles an hour at $10 an article, you’ll earn $30 an hour.

Now, what if you wrote articles 8 hours a day. You could write in the morning from 8 till 12 and in the afternoon from 1 till 5.

This would earn you $240 a day ($30/hour x 8 hours).

If you were looking for a bigger cash boost you could write for 10 hours a day instead, by also writing for a couple of hours in the evening too.

This would give you a daily income of $300.

And if you did this every day for a week, you’d earn $2,100 ($300/day x 7 days).

Can you imagine how great it would feel to earn this much money in just 7 days?

Keep it up for a whole month (30 days) and you’ll have earned a whopping $9,000 ($300/day x 30 days).

Even if you decided that working the extra 2 hours in the evening is too much and cut back to the 2 x 4 hour writing sessions a day, you could still earn a massive $7,200 in a month. ($240/day x 30 days).

And you could easily increase your income in just a few weeks because when clients get comfortable working with you and your work is good, they’d be willing to pay more rather than lose you.

And being an in-demand writer will quickly help you to attract even more clients - and higher paying clients.

So if you’re looking to make a lot of money from Articles, don’t be too hasty in turning down low-paying writing gigs, because they could be the start of something much bigger and can still provide a high income as well.

And if you’re still not convinced that you’d be comfortable writing for such low pay, then let me ask you this:

How much money are you currently making from your writing? Hmm?

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