The Simple Method For Speeding Up Your Writing Process

By Ruth Barringham

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There is only one reason why it takes you a long time to write anything.

You waste time.

There's a saying that we allow the work we have to do, to fill the time we have to do it. That's why people who work 8 hours a day, take 8 hours to do their work because they have to fill the 8 hours they're given so they stretch the work out to fit it.

So what you need to do is give your self less time to write and then you'll get your writing done faster. Also, surprisingly, I find that having less time to write makes me more focused so I actually get more writing done in less time.

And here's how to do it:

Don't wast time when researching.
It's all too easy to start browsing online for information and then get distracted by pictures of funny cats and notifications from FaceBook or Twitter.

To lessen distraction, don't begin your research on too many different sites. Simply open Google, Wikipedea and Ezinearticles.com. From there you should be able to quickly find information and links to more if you need it. Less searching equals faster research. And close your social media alerts.

Use an outline.
You can't write quickly if you don't know what to write, so use an outline to speed things up.

An outline doesn’t have to be complicated.

A simple outline can be to find a few main points that you want to cover (3 main for an article and 10 main for an ebook or whatever suits your purpose). Then find 2 or 3 sub points for each main point.

To this add an opening paragraph or two and closing paragraphs and you're done. That is a simple, and extremely basic outline. But it can work. Just take this basic outline and change it to suit yourself. But don’t make it too complicated.

Here is what a basic outline looks like:


Opening statement

Main point 1

  • Sub point 1
  • Sub point 2
  • Sub point 3

Main point 2

  • Sub point 1
  • Sub point 2
  • Sub point 3

Main point 3

  • Sub point 1
  • Sub point 2
  • Sub point 3


This article was set out in this way.

Time everything.
Don't allow yourself all day to get your writing done. Instead time everything you do and then try and beat your time. If you waste time when you should be writing then you're wasting your writing time. Don’t do anything during your writing time, except write.

If you go to work on a bus or train, use the time during your journey to see how much you can write. You’ll arrive at work feeling extremely productive.

Just changing these 3 ways that you write can dramatically increase your writing speed because it simplifies how you work and stops you from wasting time when you should be writing.

The only thing to do now is stop reading this and start writing.

This article was researched, written and proof read in 24 minutes.

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