How To Get Great Ideas Then Find Even More

By Ruth Barringham

I love getting great ideas for writing. I love it when I suddenly get a brilliant thought that will make a great article, ebook or story.

Whenever I do, I grab my ideas book and write down what I’m thinking, and I usually find that once I start putting my idea down on paper, even more ideas start exploding into life inside my crazy, monkey mind.

Don’t you just love it when ideas are born this way?

But how can you get them more often?

It’s not easy to explain where we get our ideas from. I’m a writer and as a creative person I have bouts of ingenious ideas erupting in my mind all the time.

The problem though, is that we have no control over when a great idea will come, or, it can arrive at a most inconvenient time when you don’t have anything handy to write it down on and so it gets lost and forgotten.

This is because creative ideas come from our subconscious mind and that’s why we have “eureka!” moments when we least expect it.

These moments always happen when we’re relaxed and not thinking too hard about anything.

So if you want to have more frequent “eureka!” moments, learn to take more time out for relaxation. It’s during these relaxed times when your subconscious will take over and offer up any thoughts that have been lurking there.

If you feel that you can’t spare the time or you’re not quite sure what to do, try meditating.

Or if meditating sounds too “new-age” for you, just sit and listen to soothing music for 10 to 15 minutes. Schedule this relaxation time into your day otherwise you won’t do it.

Sitting with your eyes closed for 10-15 minutes doesn’t sound like mind-blowing advice, but after you’ve done it daily, even for just a few days, you’ll have clarity of mind like you’ve never experienced before. Just try it and see.

While you’re sitting, don’t force the ideas to come. Just take a few deep breathes, let your shoulders relax (THIS is important), let go of your crazy-busy monkey mind and allow yourself freedom of thought. Let the music soothe you and carry you deeper into unconscious thought.

Don’t worry if ideas don’t come straight away. They’ll come later when you least expect it. Just learn to relax daily and the rest will follow.

I get most of my ideas when I’m doing no-brainer tasks like dog walking, sweeping, cooking or ironing. I just get lulled into it when I’m doing busy tasks that require little thought, and let my mind do its own thing.

I often have my iRiver plugged into my ears during these times and I listen to pod casts about writing, entrepreneurs and self-help. It’s amazing how many ideas this can inspire when I’m listening in such a relaxed state.

So if you’re a creative person and you need more ideas, take more “down” time for your mind and give your subconscious the freedom it needs.

One of the meditative audios I like to listen to are the Brain Salon audios. Each recording is 30 minutes long and they’re not just for meditating with.

I listen to the “Razor-Sharp Focus” and “Creative Spark” tracks while I’m writing to help me focus more and work well.

Brain Salon is a set of 6 audios, delivered on CDs and are not cheap, but they are good and have helped me immensely.

I like to think of them as an investment. Nothing is expensive if it can help you earn more money.

You can download a 10 minute demo of Brain Salon and listen to it right now.

Download your own demo at https://ruthiswriting.com/links/brainsalondemo.html.

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